Sunday, 18 March 2012

Wrap Dress Part 1 and Other Stuff. x

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Been a weekend full of simple pleasures. Saw The Chap, did a bit of shopping and sorted out my home.

Not rock n roll, but it made me happy. I got some of those chores done, I wanted to do last week after work.

First I had to but some extras, and went to Iceland first to stock up on freezer fast food. I do this about once a quarter and spend circa £15, today was £12. It is food with little vitamins etc, but it does provide something to eat of those evening when you want to take a shower and get out to something hot.

I then went to Lidl and spent £13

I did get some bargains there, the cola was 39p per bottle, and as Tesco have seen fit to 'retire' my caffeine free own brand I will have to try and this. The shaving foam at the back was 89p  and 160 tea bags cost me £1.99.
I also bought some garlic powder for 59p. I have never used this before, but when you live alone you end up throwing away garlic, which is a waste, plus nowadays it is pretty tricky to buy only 1 bulb at a time. Perhaps this might be a good alternative.
March's Shopping £101.09. Going a bit over budget.. oops

I have also managed this weekend to make more thyme and honey rolls.

I did not have any wheatgerm, so used cornmeal, and vegetable oil in stead of sunflower oil. They tasted fine to me.

And finally I started on another wrap dress. Getting started is always the hardest part for me. First I laid out my material making sure it was evenly folded.
(Having a bit of floor space helps). I then laid out the pieces from the pattern and pinned it in place ensuring all the paper templates were right side up and even to the grain of the material.

Cut out, it looks like this.
That's enough for now, I will start putting it together this week.

It has gone quickly this weekend, and I am not ready to go back to work, still cannot shift this headache. Oh well perhaps a Baileys nightcap will help.

Frugally yours

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