Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A little something to look forward to..

The last few days before pay day (tomorrow) are always incredibly tight.

I am eating whatever is left in the house and spending the barest minimum.

Also, I used a big old chunk of the savings to pay for a weekend away next month for The Chap's special birthday. We are off to Amsterdam from Friday to Monday. Actually we are going between both our birthdays. A nice way to celebrate for both of us. Plus, I think we will by then, have been together for a year. In a very unromantic way neither of us can remember exactly when we had our first date. We think it was around the beginning of May.

So with paying for our weekend away, and having to fork out for the car it looks like for the first time in a long time tomorrow I will not be able to pay back a lot on the credit cards in April. I am very disappointed about this. Must try harder..

In fact I am really fed up about this.

Am I being stubborn? As two people have recently offered to pay back my debt for me just over £1300. Incredibly kind of them both, but I said No. I think they feel a little sorry for me as money is tight after paying for the weekend away. But, I got myself into this situation and I really feel it is my responsibility to pay it back. Hopefully, too remembering the hardship of paying the damn money back will deter me from allowing this happen again. So, I repeat, am I being stubborn?? My answer, "No, just taking responsibility"

My little Polo went off today to the garage to be repaired after that git bumped it and drove off. I should get it back either Friday or Monday and have a courtesy car to drive a nifty little automatic Micra. Quite nice actually, though a little to acidic blue for my liking. I am rather hoping they will clean it for me .... to hope! Then just the excess on the insurance to pay......sigh....£120.

Everything comes at once doesn't it? Plus I think the utilities should be arriving sometime in April. Great!

And the front door is still not replaced, I have bruises all over my hip from having to hip thrust it to open it.  Sexy!

Frugally yours

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