Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Trashy Tv and Stressed out Blogger

It is 9.51PM and I am sitting in bed in my pjs writing this, listening to my neighbours going about their nightly ablutions. Ah the joys of a flat!

I am shattered. After the stress of finding my car so badly damaged on Monday by some rotter who drove off without leaving contact details, I just went into a complete decline on Monday evening. Not exactly crying, but very very down. The Chap came round after working late and gave me a huge hug, which helped then very kindly looked at the damage and helped me sort out what to do.

I hate to come across as a pathetic female. But, a bit of help is worth a lot of pity.

Thank you.

It was such a shame as I had some fantastic news during the day.

I then spent most of yesterday on the phone at work sorting out getting the damage repaired. Result - £1200 of damage and it goes in next week for 3 days to get all shiny again.

Car insurance is so important, and I think it is easy to get into the mindset of "reduce the cover" when arranging it annually.

I renewed in November last year. I know I could get my car insurance for about £300 after 17 years of driving with no incidents and (currently) a penalty free license. However, I have always taken a broader view and paid for some "extras" on my policy. This week I am glad I did. I paid £50 extra to have my no claims protected and I paid another £50 to have a very low excess. I noticed that normal excess tends to be between £250 - 500 pounds. I am SO glad now I got them to reduce it to £120. A lot less to find this month than it could have been. Yes I pay £100 extra a year than I could, but it has made the last 48 hrs a lot less stressful.

However, it depletes my savings and since I have just forked a lot to pay for the TC's birthday present next month and I still have to sort out a new front door, well it has left me quite upset to see my savings dwindle by so much.

Yesterday, after work was evening class and today i had to see family which meant I got home about 8ish. I ate then sat on the sofa and indulged in a guilty pleasure. I love, and I mean Love crap tele. I sat and munched my way through a packet of pretzels whilst watching "Murder She Wrote" I had recorded and then "Extreme Make Over - Home Edition". You gotta love that show. Why am I worrying about my paltry problems compared to some of those poor families in such desperate circumstances?

But, it did mean I did no housework and the flat looks a mess. Poor TC coming over for dinner tomorrow...

Do you have a guilty pleasure? A tv program you are ashamed to admit you love? If so please tell so I do not feel quite so trashy.

For a blog supposed to be about "keeping it simple" I could do with taking own advice. Don't hate me.... :o(

Frugally yours


  1. Murder she wrote is practically high brow! If you want to talk about trash tv, Geordie shore, TOWIE, sun sea sex and parents, dog the bounty hunter and dinner date are all on my must see list. This is before eastenders, coronation st, Hollyoaks and my absolute favourite, Waterloo road :)

    1. Oooo Sun, sea, sex and parents is good too!
      I do not watch the soaps, or xfactor but I do love a sneaky episode of Britain's got talent.


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