Cola, 2xoranges, Smoked Cod, HP Sauce, 2x seabass fillets, Apples, 1xlemon, Tartare sauce, New potatoes, mini corns and mange tout, loo roll, TEV chicken kievs, chicken steaks, cream cheese, 2x salmon steaks, spinach, TEDV biscuits, TEV chicken, TEV wheatabix, bacon, eggs (free range), spicy mackerel, fabric conditioner, mayo, peach barley, TEV shaving foam, and a mascara.
Total: £44.76

02.08.12 2 x 2L bottle of own brand diet cola, 2x peach barley squash, EDV Antibac surface cleaner, EDV Bleach, EDV Value Instant Mash,  2x loaf, 12x baps, EDV 2 x cottage cheese, tin of mushrooms, EDV Cornflakes, EDV Caramel wafers, EDV 2x chicken kiev, EDV 2x Baked Beans, Mince, 2x milk, cabbage, reggea sauce, tom puree, 3 xmushrooms
Total £13.76
04.08.12 3x pizza, mixed veg, chips, faggots
Total: £7.50
19.8.12 3X pizza, onion rings, 72 chicken dippers (not v healthy is it?-oops)
Total- £9.50
04.06.12 - 4 fish cakes, potatoes, mixed veg, 2xcrisps, a pork pie, milk, chocolate biscuits - £11
June Total - £11.00
11.6.12 - loaf of bread, salmon paste, cottage cheese, multi pack of crisps, squash, picked beetroot, sugar - £5.89
June Total - £16.89
May 2012 Shopping
29.4.12 Milk x 2, Balsamic Vinegar, Squash
Total: £4.58
May Total: £4.58

8.5.12 Kiwis, strawberries, bananas, peaches, apples, cashew nuts, pistachios, snack a jacks
Total: £12.19
May Total: £16.77

11.5.12 - Lost my till receipt so trying to remember, 6 bottles of cola, bottle of rum, aubergine, courgette, red pepper, milk, cucumber, large box of washing powder, cashew, pistachios, box of cookies, bag of flour,
Total - £30.00
May Total - £46.77

12.5.12 2 racks of aldi ribs - yum yum yum
May Total: £52.75

18.05.12 - toilet rolls, milk, kitchen spray, shower spray, soap, sweets, mushrooms,furniture polish, sweetcorn, chicken, eggs, chocolate, sugar snap peas, mini sweetcorn, 2x value tins of tomatoes, pizza, potatoes, cookies, jelly, popcorn, pistachios, sour cream, ice cream, squash, apples, pouting fillet (what the heck??) and knife
May Total: £87.27

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