Thursday, 8 November 2012

Impressively Organised or Move Away From The Dryer Abigail!

My very good friend G, with whom I work announced the other day
“I am Death, when it comes to vacuum cleaners”
Investigation revealed that she has just had to buy her 3rd vacuum in 5 years.

My parents on the other hand never keep a kettle for any longer than 12months, whether they spend 10s or 100s of pounds. They have over the years, smoked, sparked and disintegrated their way to electrical heaven.

I am where hair dryers come to die.
A peaceful existence of between 6 to 18months of being used between 3-5 times per week, then the AC Grim Reaper arrives and it is curtains for my trusty appliance.

My last Superdrug hairdryer spluttered and coughed it’s way to an early grave in 2011 and had to be retired despite cleaning the filter regularly and the liberal application of Sellotape to hold it in place after an unfortunate accident involving a short drop and some hard floors.

So October last year it was my annual trip to purchase a new hairdryer. This time I went to Boots and automatically picked up the cheapest at £7.99 for a 1600W Boots Essential Hairdryer. I then managed to incorporate it into a 3 for 2 deal and used a voucher I had been sent.

It lasted 13months. Last night, post bath I was half way through drying my hair when I realised the inside was glowing bright orange like a toaster and either my dryer had picked up a packet of fags or it was probably wise to turn the thing off.

This time was different. ”Ah Hah!” though I, in a smug self-congratulatory pose. I still have the receipt and the warranty. I had wised up last year and stapled the receipt to the warranty and put it in the drawer in which I stored the offending item.

A quick scoot to the drawer and I lifted the receipt / warranty aloft with all the pride of an Olympic Gold Medallist , punching my fist skywards. I may even have muttered “Yeah, Baby!” in a fake American accent…. I forget….

Anyhoo, off I pop to  Boots The Chemist today brandishing the Hair Dryer.
A “Yes, Madam. I am so sorry Madam. Here let me get you another Madam”  moment later I am in possession of a brand new dryer (no box though) with little fuss safe with the additional information that a new warranty for 2 years starts today.

I can see myself never having to pay for a hairdryer again.

If you want to check your statutory rights (UK) I recommend here for all information. It is amazing what a few simple phrases can do.
“2003 Sale of Goods Act”
“Satisfactory quality, as described and lasting a reasonable amount of time”

I am not a natural complainer, but when pushed the 2 phrases above have been my verbal cheerleaders at many a conversation with an over made up snotty Manager.

Another little win!

Frugally yours
Abigail x
EDIT: Please note that Boots exchanged the dryer with no fuss. Perfect customer service in fact.


  1. It is your static electric personality dahling.....

  2. Good for you! But what do you to wear them out?!! I've still got the Clairol Big Shot I purchased in 1990 after my first big perm!!! ;-)

    1. Goodness knows! But thank goodness it is not cars!


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