Friday, 9 November 2012

Automotively Minded, I Am Not. But I Can Use a Search Engine.

I mentioned last week that I recently had a flat tyre, the second this year.

On Thursday last week I had to stop on the way home from work at every petrol station to pump the tyre back up (20p/garage to use the machine). It entailed about 5 stops on a 50 minute journey.

It made me think.

After an "argument" with "Greedy Bastards" emergency service a while ago, I refused to renew my cover with them back in April this year. Saving myself about £50 per annum.

But, it has always made me nervous that I am now driving around with all the automotive expertise of an arthritic goat, and no back up.

As I have now reached the grand old age of 36 and it is becoming physically apparent I have a passion for maltesers and the sofa, any hope has faded of being able to entice strong handsome young men to assist me by only baring a winning smile and flashed knee, should I ever find myself on the side of motorway in mechanical distress.

So last night, I decided to investigate the possible cost of breakdown cover comparing AA, RAC and Green Flag.

Green Flag are offering a rescue package
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Local vehicle recovery and they will take me to the nearest garage if far away.
Green Flag respond to most calls within 42 minutes, and their representative stated that over 80% of the time they can fix cars roadside.

It does not involve homestart.
As I cannot change a tyre myself, (who can in these days of hydraulic wrenches?) I think really cover for me when I travel c1000m/month is a must.

The best part Green Flag only charge £20.00, RAC - £29.99 and AA - £30. I would advise you to check them properly against each other.

And when I rang up to speak to their rep they also confirmed I would get an online discount. Final cost? £16.97 (I think it was 97p but I forget the exact figure)

You can increase the level of cover at any time, as with all the 3 big recovery firms they will automatically renew your membership unless you tell them not
to after receiving their renewal letter.

£16.97 is my kind of car cover!

November means a glut of birthdays for friends and family.

One of my pet hates is Birthday cards. How many times have you picked up a lovely card with some heart wrenching sentiment that brings a tear to your eye, only to take it to the till and be asked to take out a second mortgage to pay for it?

£4.95 is not an acceptable amount to spend on a piece of folded card which will sit on the mantelpiece for 3 days before being resigned to recycling. I do not card how much glitter / bows/ or collages it entails.

So a while ago I gave myself a budget of £1 per card. It is actually not easy to find something suitable and good quality for this amount of money. M&S / Next had been my "go to" shops of choice, but recently their choice had been limited at the £1 mark, and most were creeping up to £2.75.

M&S £1.
So imagine my delight when today as I walked past Card Factory I saw a good selection of low priced cards.

I bought 10.
Yes, 10.
For £1.

Nope, not £1 each, but all 10 for £1!
Now that is a bargain and hopefully the mix of cards I chose should cover a multitude of ages, sexes and occassions.And all are really good quality card.
Worth a trip I think!

Frugally yours


  1. Yeah I go to the dollar store for cards. Or better yet just get a gift card to Starbucks! Hey $5 can buy a latte! But I am pretty frugal when it comes to birthdays unless it is for an immediate relative.

  2. We use card factory too, infact for our recent Anniversay we both picked the same card!

    1. That is a great story. You both were obviously meant to be together! x

  3. I always use Card Factory because they are so cheap and are good guality

  4. I am completely converted to Card factory. Bargain and only 4 mins walk from my office.


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