Thursday, 29 November 2012

The 4 Ps of Christmas Shopping.

Preparation Prevents Poor Performance! 

I have the day off tomorrow and have quite a lot to do.

8.30AM the new agent is turning up to look over my flat and take photographs ready to market it.

Then I am off to complete the Christmas Shopping.

As stated before, I do have a limited budget and so I have spent some of today ensuring that I am aware of any relevant high street deals before handing over my hard earned cash.

Some of my shopping has already been completed, buying on line I have ticked off my sister, part of my brother in law, part of my nephew, part of my mum and part of my mother in law’s gifts too. Buying them all on line I was able to get it all free delivery and at cheaper than high street stores.

There are downsides to Internet Shopping :o(

·        Lack of opportunity to check quality
·        Often a long wait at a sorting office to pick up items when it is convenient Last year I spent 1hr 30mins queueing in the snow at my local sorting office to pick up the Michael McIntyre book for my bro in law. I would have happily paid the extra £5 it would have cost to visit my local book seller and purchase it after 90mins standing the cold. I am afraid none of us were full of the milk of human kindness when someone tried to queue jump.

I need to ensure that what I buy tomorrow is bought for the best possible price.

With this in mind I have already written a list and spent some time investigating prices.

The Chap wants some clothes and whilst the stores he likes are not offering any vouchers, I have found that by buying gift cards through Morrisons in advance to make my purchases with, I have been able to get a considerable amount off my next tank of petrol. See here for more information.

I have also noted that The Early Learning Centre & Mothercare are offering 25% off TOYS (to 5th Dec). I have read the small print, this is in store and on line. See here.

Looks like my nephew will onto a winner with this especially as I have also changed my £5 Tesco voucher into £10 to be spent on Toys (also can be spent in other departments) please note this offer finished tomorrow Friday 30th, though it has been extended until 11th December on clothing and Tesco Direct. Tesco Exchange.

I think every time I use a voucher, “How wonderful!” my friends / family would not have been able to have this if it were not for this voucher.

A couple of other deals I think are worth noting today.

·        Marks and Spencer are currently running their £10 meal deal. But if you are an O2 user you can use their discount code and get it for £8. I picked it up lunchtime today. A main, a side, a pudding and a bottle of wine for 2.
·        The Body Shop are offering £15 off a £30 in store spend on voucher codes. Expires 2nd December.
·        Wallis are offering up to 30% (ends Saturday) off at the moment as are Dorothy Perkins.
·        BHS are also offering up to 30% off across all departments.
·        Fancy dinner out tonight or tomorrow? Frankie and Benny are still offering their November Voucher - £10 off a meal for two consisting of 2 mains. Beware you cannot use this on their special menu of two courses for £10.95. We used it at the beginning of the month and had two drinks and two mains at a price of £10.45. It is being used again this evening before it expires as a little treat.

Be canny this Christmas folks!

Frugally yours


  1. I went into Dorothy Perkins yesterday and bought a parka which should of been £55, it had been reduced to £38! and a jumper that should of been £25 that had been reduced to £17! Really chuffed with my purchases and another tick off the Christmas list!

    Amanda xx

    1. There are such good discounts available at the moment. Those sound lovely,. Big fan of Dotty Ps myself.


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