Friday, 23 November 2012

I Am OK.

Afternoon Chickadees!

I had a car accident this morning.
All my fault.

Luckily everyone is ok and no one was hurt. So that is good.

The cars are a little bruised, just bumpers though.

In nearly 20 years of driving I have never caused an accident, so I was very shaken. I may have rung The Chap at work and cried a little.

But, the lady was so good about it and her first words were "Do you have kids in the car? Are you ok?"

After that we just made friends and exchanged details.

Best that metal is scrapped and bent and not flesh and bones methinks!

The Chap is now stating that obviously he is the better driver even though his driving career consists of 3 write offs....!

There goes the no claims bonus after two claims in a 12 month period. I only renewed my car insurance at the beginning of the month.

Thank God I paid extra for a low excess :o)

Frugally yours


  1. Glad to hear you're ok (and the other driver). Two days before my eighteenth birthday; ie ahem-ty years ago; I wrote off my car because I overtook a lorry doing 25mph, hit black ice, got in a skid and smacked into an oncoming car. I still have the two inch scar on my forehead; I was wearing a seatbelt even though it was not yet compulsory, but it was an old car with fixed belts, not inertia reel like today and my seatbelt was too loose. My Dad said he was very glad he saw me in one piece before he saw what was left of the car! He said; "I'm glad you had this accident because you are ok; make sure it prevents you having an aciident you won't walk away from!" I was always cautious ever since and have not (Yet!) had another accident. I wish you the same as my Dad wished me (although obviously you are not the silly kid I was!)

  2. So glad you and the other driver were not hurt. It is far better for metal (or fiberglass) to be broken than either of you.

  3. Hi there, Abigail! I’m glad that nothing serious happened to you or to your auto. Getting involved in these kinds of unfortunate events is really startling. But the good part is, you were able to meet a new friend. As they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining. Stay safe!

  4. It was a good thing that you’ve got insurance to cover your car repairs. Anyway, at least you handled the first car accident you caused in 20 years properly. =) It could’ve been worse, but you’re still fortunate that there were only minor things to deal with and that everybody was safe.

    1. Hi Mike
      Thanks for your words. You are the first chap to comment on my blog!
      Whoo Hoo!
      Abigail x

  5. Thanks you for all your comments. Such a shame what happened. But, Ahh that is life!

  6. Yeah, that’s life Abigail. All of us can experience incidents like that. We’ll never know. You just really have to be thankful that you were unharmed. I am sure that after what happened, you’re now extra careful and more responsible on the road! ;)

    Raleigh Crowl

  7. There is always a first time for everything. But in your case, I hope that it would be the last. Car accidents, even the minor ones, are terrifying. But the worst part is dealing with the consequences. Though it was just a minor scratch on your vehicle, it can still cost you a fortune. Good thing your insurance is there to help out.

  8. That is a selfless act, Abigail! Admitting that accident was your fault shows humility and honesty. Your family must be very proud of you. Renewing your insurance is obviously a must in a car, as having one will keep you protected. Still, I want you to be extra careful driving your car. Having an insurance doesn’t mean you can start being sloppy on the road.

    Maggie Malone


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