Thursday, 1 November 2012

November Pay Day

Afternoon Peeps!

Sorry for the radio silence, I have had so much going on and have been out after work with one thing and another.

Well it is Pay Day today. We all know I love a Pay Day, and today is extra special. I got commission, plus I got some expenses. That coupled with a little Ebay selling of an old Stained Glass window The Chap and I liberated from the workshop we tore down at his a few months ago meant I was able to clear my credit cards.

I did have to dive into my savings too, but I felt it was necessary, as they have really been hanging over me the last few months. Quite frankly I have been stressing about them so much, it is just such a relief to get it cleared.

Ok, I still have a £400 overdraft to tackle and it does mean Christmas is getting pared down for family and friends but I felt it was worth it and everyone understands. So thanks "Keeping It Simply Thrifty" Family!! Love you!!

Starting Debt: £1990.80
Credit Card 1: £0.00
Credit Card 2: £0.00
Loan: £0.00
New Debt Balance: £400.00
% Paid Off: 79.9%

Credit card debt?? What credit card debt?

Whoo Hoo!

The Chap and I are going out tonight to dinner to celebrate as Frankie and Bennys have a £10 off voucher for the whole of November. If I have a pizza and just a glass of tap water, then I can eat free! Yum!  

Frugally yours

P.S. On the negative side, the shower broke again this morning..... sigh...


  1. Well done on getting rid of your credit cards. Hopefully, you won't take long to be rid of the overdraft. I assume the interest on that is a lot lower than the cards?


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