Friday, 26 October 2012

Birthdays And A Trip

Today's was 2 work colleagues birthdays in my office.
We all put in a few pounds, just a gesture really. The lucky recipient normally gets a voucher or a CD etc.
Today one of the girl's who's birthday it was is a special friend.
We often have lunch or meet for dinner a couple of times per year.
So I wanted to do something special.
I mentioned to my mum that I would like to bake her a cake to say happy birthday.
Unfortunately the cake I wanted was a Nigella Easy Almond Cake and requires a lot of marzipan. An ingredient I did not have I stock.
Luckily she had 3 blocks and gave me one.
So all I needed to buy was some almond extract.
I forgot to get it. Typical!!
So again I substituted vanilla essence.
No-one seemed to notice.
It made a lovely flavoursome cake (should do 6 eggs!).
I would definitely make it again, and have to say. I love my new ring pan too.
Creates a much fancier looking bake. It should last a life time.
On a better note. I got home last night to find a letter from the supermarket which gave me food poisoning a couple of weeks ago. £15 voucher. Not sure at all it was worth it!

Currently I am sitting on the train with my ridiculously expensive ticket on my way to Kent for the weekend.

The reason? A girls weekend

We all met about 4 years ago on a singles holiday and still keep in touch.
You would imagine we would all be wearing slinky attire ready for 48 hrs of debauchery...

Nothing could be further from the truth. We all converge about 9ish tonight and tomorrow after a trip out shopping the plan is to camp out on the lounge floor with pizza, wine and strictly.

Maybe as we are all around the late thirties mark we should be more rock n roll. But I know from all the emails rocking back and forth this weekend that it hits the spot for all of us!

Thrifty and fun!

Frugally yours

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  1. So a picture? All that work and no picture? Sounds delicious and lovely, were you afraid we would all show up and want a piece if you showed us a picture? :)


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