Monday, 15 October 2012

Give Me An Hour

Morning Peeps!

I had a spare hour over the weekend, and I discovered that you can actually achieve a huge amount in an hour, given a phone and internet connection.

  • Rang up Staffordshire Police to complain about a dangerous roundabout
  • Wrote to my local MP about said dangerous roundabout.
  • Checked my bank statement
  • Contacted insurance broker after discovering a mistake on bank statement - they had charged me treble!
  • Rang Water company and checked my bill as I was paying £44.50/ month. Who knew you only paid it for 8 months?? (No point changing to a meter now as shortly moving)
  • Chased up Supermarket who poisoned me, no news as yet - my complaint is not even registered on their system yet (7 days later!)
  • Also chased my district council re: pothole reported on Monday last week. Someone came out and checked it, yes it is bad. Will be repaired within a month.
  • Rang up housing association who owns the outside of my flat. Very bizarre arrangement, i pay them a service charge each month for the upkeep of the outside, but that does not cover my front door apparently. So I wanted to check if the garage door was covered. "Check your lease" was the answer.....bunch of unhelpful muppets!
Now this is not exactly hugely rewarding, but it is amazing how follow up calls to public sector departments can hang around. Having a free hour and using my mobile (Free minutes left) meant that I am really getting up to date with paperwork, especially as this weekend I finally managed to complete our cul-de-sac's accounts which have been hanging over me since November last year. Yippeeeee! Never getting behind again..... ever! 

Flat moving along nicely, another viewing tomorrow, followed by a second viewing later this week, so tonight after book club I must remember to remove knickers from radiator. 

Plus, The Chap is having 3 bells knocked out of his house this week ready for the new kitchen, but it meant we talked about what furniture I was going to bring and where it would go.

Slowly getting there I think!

Frugally yours
PS If you watch one movie this month, make it "The best exotic marigold hotel" - I saw it last nigh, pure magic!

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  1. Yes, it is good isn't it. That is the film we watched with friends at our house.


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