Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Middle Aged, Continued

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the comments received from you peeps after my post yesterday, and I hope you do not mind me re posting some today.

Rainbowchild, you had me in stitches with your story:-
I mentioned the other day at work that I was hot, to which, a young lad said "oh that will be a flush, my nan gets them, it's your age" - I'm not even 40(yet)!

It may not be justifiable homicide, but you might get away with a Temporary Insanity plea...

Upon reading your replies, it seems to me that middle age is about 4/5 years ahead of our age at the moment...

I suppose middle age changes from generation and era. In the the 1500s, I may be considered old at 36 and probably would have been a grandmother by now. shudder shudder.

Datacreata really intrigued me with her post:-
Actually, as far as producing children goes you are considered an elderly primigravida at 35 although I am sure it used to be 25 when I was trying as that is what was written down on my forms! I don't think (other than for medical reasons) you should be considered middle aged until you feel like it. I think your thinking changes the more you grow up (as in growing together as a couple rather than as two singlies.

Middle aged (medically) is unofficially between 40 and 65 in some dictionaries but who is counting. Old age after that. I am quite a bit younger than DB and he always says he is as old as the woman he loves to cuddle!
It is all a matter of perception and everyone's perception is different.

Childbearing is a long way from being discussed any time soon, but at a recent Drs appt, I was informed I would now be considered an old mother, and indeed amongst my peers I know very few my age who have not already had their families if they wanted them.

At 36 I am aware if I decide to have a family, that the process may not be quite so straightforward as it would have been 10 years ago.

I would point out that in my mind, middle age is not quite the hysteria inducing era I used to consider it to be. Life expectation and advances in medicine mean that i hope to live well into my 80s, and die after an active life, surrounded by family and friends

I have decided that the following list will define the moment when I consider myself to be middle aged, sod the amount of years I have lived on this earth as a factor.

1) I make the same meal on each evening of the week e.g. Friday it must be steak and chips
2) Trainers are bought with velcro fastenings
3) I no longer own any knickers which match a bra
4) I actually buy something out of the colour supplement which comes with the Sunday papers. e.g. a phone with extra large buttons
5) I buy a beige car
6) I sit and watch either"Songs of Praise" or "Coast"
7) I am strangely drawn to Aled Jones
8) I wear trousers with elasticated waists

In the meantime, I may not know any current inhabitants of the Top Ten, but I do at 36 know my own mind, can hold an fairly intelligent conversation about politics and know everything when it comes to picking a good mortgage.

Perhaps life isn't so crap after all.

But I have to ask, what indicators do you think would prove you were middle aged?

Frugally yours


  1. "2) Trainers are bought with velcro fastenings"

    I adore velcro fastenings. I currently have a pair of plaid knock-off Converse with velcro. :D (and I've owned these shoes since I was 27)

    "3) I no longer own any knickers which match a bra"

    I've never bought or owned a matching lingerie set. o.o It has just occurred to me to care.

    I'm 31 now. I don't feel anywhere near middle-aged. And being close to it doesn't bother me at all. Conformity for the sake of conformity scares me more than age.

    Then again, I am regularly mistaken for 18 and my daughter's (who is almost 14) slightly older sister. Maybe that's why it doesn't bother me. Or maybe it is because the women in my family don't seem to care about age all that much unless it directly effects their health.

    I associate the whole "omg he/she is sooooo middle-aged" with the people who have no interest in learning or exploring. It is like all the mystery and joy and pleasure has gone out of life. They are just plodding along. Those people kinda depress me. :/

    1. Oh dear I do seem to have offended you. Never my intention. My blog is collection of ramblings and never meant to be taken too seriously.

  2. Oh. I wasn't offended at all. I was actually amused that I matched two of the requirements that would be middle-aged for you. We all have different perspectives on what middle-age looks/feels like.

    As for the rest of my comment, I was just rambling because your post made me contemplate my views of middle-age and the possible whys of my not really caring about it.

    Please keep up the ramblings. I enjoy your blog greatly.


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