Saturday, 20 October 2012

Star Trek Convention day 2

We left the convention just after lunch after our money was spent.
We got autographs of David Warner, Mark Alaimo, and loads of others. Some were so charming and others... Well not much.
At one point I lost The Chap for half an hour. Turns out he managed to sneak in meeting only blooming mr trek himself. William Shatner. And he got his autograph.
So we left happy.
We then checked our funds at which point TC came out with the quote of the weekend
"I feel like I have been mugged by nerds" lol!
Some of the costumes were fantastic. The trouble and money spent by some is phenomenal!
Others,....well not so sure the Federation would have wanted them.
My other favourite TC quote as we boarded the train back to central London,
"The problem with Star Trek is, with the Federation I would have only been an Engineerer. But in Star Wars, I would have been Hans Solo!"
You got to love his attitude!
Frugally yours

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