Thursday, 11 October 2012

I love Dave!

He has only gone and bloomin' done it!

I now have a garage door that closes, opens and does not try to kill you as it transfers from one state to the other.

As it was a huge 7ft 7 steel door and the springs had gone, you can imagine I took my life in my hands every time I put the car away or got it out.

For 10 years I have put up with it and never allowed another to go anywhere near it. Well the thing opened and closed, didn't it? So as garage doors go, it did exactly what it said on the tin..

But with viewers currently looking round W Towers, changes had to made. It seems poor business sense, to try and incapacitate potential tenants. I mean how can they go to the bank and pay the rent, if they have no head after a neat decapitation from an errant garage door? :o)

But Dave, came round last night at 7pm, in the dark and fitted some second hand springs. He then repaired the weather seals, roller mechanism and hyper drive (I wasn't really listening at this point). Bless Dave, he was there until 8.30pm to get it repaired.

It now works a treat. And the best news?

A bill for £45, which I paid immediately.

Dave then sat me down and explained this was a temporary measure, as obviously the garage door had initially been used in the ark. His fix would last me about 3 years, but I did need a new garage door, as it was scraping here on the brick work, and the wooden something or other was disintegrating.

I already knew that, but good ole Dave fixed it and has given me time to save! He also quoted £510 for a new one fitted. Well I could get it for £490 through him, but with horizontal lines which he thinks catch the dirt easier, so recommended vertical lines for £20 more.

This is hugely more reasonable than "robbing b%st%rds" I saw at the weekend who wanted £640.00.

I was also very cheeky and asked if he ever had bubble wrap from when his garage doors were delivered, as I needed some to wrap ornaments and pictures ready for the move. He was over the moon to give me some, as he normally has to pay to dump it. So that was a result too, as I was going to have to pay for a roll this weekend.

Pays to ask!

Dave also because of his visit to me has ended up with 2 new orders for garage doors, one from mum to a flat of hers and one from my neighbours who liked what they saw.

Everyone's a winner!

Frugally yours


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