Monday, 8 October 2012

What I Did This Weekend, Teacher.

Hello Peeps! Good weekend? Did you get those jobs done that have bothering you? Did you just enjoy the last of the sun? or just hunker down in hibernation mode?

I did all of the above.


This and next weekend were always going to busy. I am right in the middle of trying to get the flat ready to rent.

The oven has been scrubbed within a inch of it’s life and the Plumber is coming round next week to prepare a gas safety certificate. I still need an electrical safety certificate and (dum dum dum) the garage door needs sorting.

The garage door is the biggest pain in the “*&%^!!!!!”, as my flat was built in the 60s the height of the door is about 7ft 6, which makes it an unusual size compared the standardised heights nowadays, All of this means extra cost as my door will have to be specially made. 1 quote £640.00 incl VAT.

I am still hoping that the door can be repaired if we can find springs of 17inches, unlikely apparently though the garage door man is coming along with a selection on Wednesday to try some old springs out.

Fingers crossed. If I can just repair the garage door and make it last 6months then I am quite happy to replace the door in early 2013 when funds are more buoyant.

So a few jobs done.

Unfortunately that took me away from The Chap all day Saturday (I like my Saturdays spent with TC). So to make it up to him I bought a take away Chinese dinner for 2 (£7) from a well know supermarket, which we happily ate whilst watching Strictly.

An hour later, I was in the bathroom violently ill (You do not need to know the details) soon to be followed by TC (tho to a much lesser extent as he has a cast iron stomach) I hobbled the 2mins back to mine then spent from about 10pm-ish through to 4am in the bathroom with terrible abdominal cramps.


Said supermarket has been informed, at the very least I want my £7 returned and I have spoken to Environmental Health (about as useful at a chocolate teapot). I have to go into said supermarket this week with my packaging and receipt. Not to sure what to say, but after ruining Saturday night , I am pretty cross.

So Sunday was spent in the PJs all afternoon (after lunchtime wake up) whilst I tidied the flat ready for it’s first viewing today. Plus I filled 4 more boxes ready to be stored.

So, so much to do!
Could quite easily panic.

Total spend? £7. Better get my blooming money back…
Frugally and somewhat fragile(ly)


  1. Hope you feel AOK soon. Regarding garage door, couldn't the top be lowered somehow so a more normal door could be fitted?

    1. Hello
      We are looking into that option at the moment, but it is unlikely according to the 4 garage door specilaists I have spoken with and who have come out to see the offending item.
      Could get very stressed about this.


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