Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tying Up the Loose Ends

It occurred to me this morning whilst eating a chocolate covered cupcake (courtesy of work colleague) that I mention a lot of subjects then never really clarify the result.

So today I will.
Firstly, after an un-named supermarket recently tried to incapacitate me with a nasty bout of food poisoning on Saturday night after consuming a boxed take away Chinese, I went in on Monday and complained again after my phone call on Sunday.

I am really not a person who can stomp in shouting and ranting, as I tend to think that the Customer Service Person did not cook the dinner so are not ultimately responsible. I was firm and polite. I stated I was not happy, I realised it was not this lady's fault, but The Chap and I has been very ill and I wanted someone to take me seriously. I then produced the packaging, and receipt.

I immediately got my money returned and together we filled in an E122131622i/driggg/lly884dhtt>.Doc form (well you get the idea). I am not expecting to hear anything back, from said supermarket, but I live in optimistic hope.
My Tesco vouchers are creeping up nicely to purchase the Alessi cutlery.

Whilst I do pop into other supermarkets, I always get my petrol from Tesco and that plus a huge cry out to friends using Facebook (who then asked their friends), Freegle and even the cashless exchange means I can now have 12 of everything and indeed I already have purchase 10 boxes of the main cutlery and Mom has bought me 5 boxes of the starter sets as a Christmas present. So well on my way.

A huge shout out to Karen at Use It Up, Wear It Out who very kindly sent me some she had received after my blog. I love to read every comment peeps write in response to my posts, but I especially felt touched a stranger to me had gone to so much trouble. In general, aren't people kind?
The kittens are settling in well and generally look happy.

Of course they run from me when I enter a room, like I am covered in snarling Rottweiler's. However, I find a little bit of ignoring of them and within 30minutes -1hour, they are fast asleep on myr lap.

This is Bella (we changed her name a little from Belle), she is normally very shy. But on Friday night, she plonked herself down on my lap and stayed there for ages fast asleep with the occasional twitching... dreaming of catching mice perhaps? So very cute!
The garage door saga stretches on, I have a man coming tonight to try alternative springs on it this evening. If not, no choice but to buy a new one.
And finally, having another couple look round the flat tomorrow morning.

...Oh Lord what if they want it???

..Oh Lord, what if they don't???

Frugally yours

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