Sunday, 21 October 2012

Back Home

Had such a lovely weekend.
Got some great photos of the celebs at the Star Trek convention. Apparently it has been covered in the national press too. Did you see? A couple got married dressed at Klingons. Not The Chap and I,I would add!

Unfortunately though I have managed to pack the cable that attaches my camera to my pc. So cannot show you I am afraid for the time being.

Caught the train home early morning which meant I was back for lunchtime.
As I had viewings at the flat over the weekend it was still immaculate.
So, nothing to do.
Hmm mm
But nothing in the house for lunch tomorrow.

Time for a bit of baking methinks.
First bread to get me through the week at work, then some madeleines.
I have been wanting to make them for ages.
Good old Nigella came up trumps with a recipe.
I am getting so much more confident with my baking, changing ingredients and trying to personalise my bakes.

Nigella wanted me to add rose water to the madeleines. But, who keeps that in stock? Vanilla extract worked fine. And to jazz them up a bit I baked in a pea sized amount of marzipan to each cake too.
They were so delicious I ended up making two batches as I ate the first lot!
I love it when you can make something delicious at home without a special trip to the supermarket.
Frugally yours


  1. I did see the couple getting married in the paper and thought of you :)

  2. Both of those bakes look lovely, well done on being confident enough to experiment. That helps a lot!


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