Monday, 1 October 2012

When Are You Middle Aged?

Morning Peps!

How was the weekend? Good, good!

I was musing on Saturday night, when do you become middle aged?

At 36, I consider myself to be young. However, a "20 something year old" whipper snapper work colleague kindly informed me that at 36, I am officially 1 year into middle age as according to said child "Middle Age lasts 35 - 50 then you become old".

I, of course choked on my low fat bagel with extra light cream cheese and sternly warned the 'Toddler In The Corner' that HR would soon be called for her gross misconduct and suggested she "shut her trap and do some filing, whilst us grown ups did some work".... I think I got my point across! *evil grin*

Unfortunately, such attitudes from those in their teens and early twenties.. (tweenties??) are not uncommon and only emphasised by such comments as made by my teenage niece a while ago.

Me "I must try and change some of my old vinyl"
Teenage Niece "What's vinyl?"

Of course after explaining such archaic terms (?) I put her in the stocks and refused to listen to One Direction in the car on the way home.

The reason for such musings is, The Chap and I got up on Saturday morning and did the following

- Went to the garden centre, buying alpine plants and conifers to plant up the back garden
- Went to Wilkinsons, and purchased a mat for the back door
- Pets At Home to buy a new covered kitty litter tray.

We were then home by 1pm and spent the afternoon gardening.

As I stood by the kitchen window, watching TC cutting turf and swearing I realised that not so long I would have still been in bed at 1 pm on a Saturday nursing a hangover and planning Saturday evening.

I would have arranged any type of activity to avoid visiting a garden centre and would have viewed gardening with the same horror as a beige bra and wearing comfortable shoes.

Is growing up, the same as growing old?

So I suppose, age means different things to different people and perhaps in your twenties you should be going out all the time spending any spare cash, on shoes, make up and taxis.

I am just not sure that at 36, one should wake up on the sofa at 1.30am Sunday morning lying on one's boyfriend's tummy with two kittens snoring on your lap whilst your boyfriend is meditating the inside of his eyelids, mouth slightly ajar. Oh, and the golf was playing on the tv, the last thing I remember was the decision to change the channel and watch the highlights at midnight ...

Please! someone tell me that at 36 there is still hope! Am off to purchase a Justin Bieber CD and I would start watching X Factor if not for the fact I have been reliable informed by The Chap it is justifiable grounds for dumping.

So come on peps, when does middle age start?

Frugally yours


  1. Well said TC regarding the X Factor! Actually, as far as producing children goes you are considered an elderly primigravida at 35 although I am sure it used to be 25 when I was trying as that is what was written down on my forms! I don't think (other than for medical reasons) you should be considered middle aged until you feel like it. I think your thinking changes the more you grow up (as in growing together as a couple rather than as two singlies.

    Middle aged (medically) is unofficially between 40 and 65 in some dictionaries but who is counting. Old age after that. I am quite a bit younger than DB and he always says he is as old as the woman he loves to cuddle!
    It is all a matter of perception and everyone's perception is different.

  2. As someone about to turn 40 in 3 days I can tell you quite firmly that middle age doesn't start til at least 45! That gives me 5 more years to grow up!! X

  3. I'd rather be middle aged than listen to Justin

    I don't know where it begins but I'm with the other commentors. I am pushing 41 (next month) and I'm pretty sure I've got a few years to go before I hit middle age. So that gives you plenty of time.

  4. I mentioned the other day at work that I was hot, to which, a young lad said "oh that will be a flush, my nan gets them, it's your age" - I'm not even 40(yet)!


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