Friday, 28 September 2012

Food Waste Fr... Erm Actually No It Is Not

Well normally on a Friday I would blog about the food I need to throw away. But nothing to report today.
So here are some photos instead.

The kittens are just getting so sweet and really finding their confidence. Twinkle the slightly browner coloured one is very precocious, climbing up your leg and prancing on any random feet which may be close.

Belle, is a lot quieter, and more nervy around The Chap and I, but every now and again she clambers onto a lap, or arm or shoulder and drifts off to sleep purring whilst being stroked. I feel very honoured every time she does that to me.

And finally...
I got given a £3 voucher a while ago for the needlecraft centre at Trentham Gardens. Not much you can buy nowadays for £3 so the plan was to buy some cotton, until I saw this.
I added 39p and bought it and am loving learning french knitting again (30 years since I last had a go) I now have well over a metre and not a clue what to do with it. Any ideas?

Frugally yours


  1. Your kitties are so precious! Of course, as my soon-to-be ex-husband informed me, I am on my way to being a crazy cat lady (I was flattered...which wasn't his goal...oops). We have six cats and two dogs. I totally understand how honoured you must feel when Belle curls ups and purrs and sleeps on you.

    Is that The Chap in the picture? The kitties look very content on him. ^___^

    1. Hi Rachel
      It is embarrassing to admit but I have always been very anti cats and was very unspportive as The Chap kept searching for them.
      Now, I love them to bits and cannot wait to see them in the evening. So cute and Belle even purred this weekend.
      Yes that is The Chap, handsome devil that he is!


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