Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Frozen Food

I had a guest to stay this weekend and wanted to feed her frugally and tastily on Friday evening.

I found this..

A new addition to the Tesco Everyday Value range (oh, read this if you get a minute. Tesco customers were too embarrassed to buy the old Tesco value range, that is why it has been rebranded)

The joint weighs 560g and is supposed to feed 2-3 (true if the 3rd person just fancies a vegetarian meal) and comes in at £3. It's nearest rival is Iceland's roast from frozen chicken which is £3.50 for 520g.

I was a bit dubious, being completely honest, and did worry what it would be like. However, I have to say it was juicy and a proper roast (no reconstituted rubbish) and browned up a treat in the last 20minutes once I removed the packaging.

I then bulked it up with some potatoes, extra stuffing, sugar snap peas and mini corns (they were reduced to sell last week). Pudding was treacle sponge with custard. Sometimes, only such comfort food will do. Besides "S", must have enjoyed it as both our plates were squeaky clean.

S also has started me on the big tidy! Ready for the new tenants (assuming someone wants to rent Chez Thrifty!) So every evening I am trying to pack one box or clear one area. Today I turned up to work with 2 carriers of clothes for the British Heart Foundation

(OMG, and I caught a man shop lifting a pewter tankard! Can you believe it? I saw him pick up the mug and then it was gone. So I guessed he must have dropped it in his carrier bag. I was so incensed I followed him round the shop staring at him and the carrier until he got the message and pretended to tie his shoe lace whilst removing the tankard. I then retrieved it, gave him the evil eye and proceeded to tell the staff who were not interested at all!)

And finally... my mum rang me this afternoon she went to Tesco today and spent £20, yet managed to charm extra tokens from the Cashier. I now have enough to get three boxes of Alessi cutlery and we are only a week in! Whoo Hoo!

Frugally yours

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