Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Every Day...

Every day, I try to be frugal, I try not to spend and try to be a better person.

That is my philosophy.

Recently I have increased my debt a little bit, but overall I have paid off very nearly 70% in 9months.

But the next few weeks are going to be expensive.

The cost of moving means Christmas may be a little less cheery this year.

When you rent your property there are a lot of checks etc that need legally to be carried out.
Gas and electricity certificate. c£55 each.

I also need to close off the EDF energy accounts for gas and electrcity. I need to pay for storage for 3months whilst we get organised and I want to get the oven professionally cleaned ready for some new tennants.

Finally, the garage door has been broken now for circa 10 years (yes I know! But I know the knack!) so that either needs to be fixed or replaced £90-350.

Oh and did I mention the £350 required to pass to the letting agents  to find the reliable and checked tennant.

I think in total I am looking about c£600-800 just to move out.

So I will continue to chip away at the credit card bill, but realistically this last £600 odd pounds is not going to get cleared until next year.


However, Hurrayyyyyyy! for moving in together.

Even something really exciting costs!

Frugally yours

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  1. Hopefully with some shared costs, being together will mean you can pay your debts off quicker. Hope you intend to keep up the good work?


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