Friday, 14 September 2012

Food Waste Friday

Every Friday in an effort to reduce my Food Waste I link with other bloggers to shame myself with produce which I have had to chuck.
Since I have just returned from 10 days away, you would think I had nothing to report, correct? Well ... wrong.
I managed to overlook these tomatoes on the run up to my trip.
They actually look okay-ish though tomato no1 is about about 24 hrs away from being a pulpy mess. Normally I eat tomatoes cold on toast with balsamic vinegar and a little salt. I cannot face them served this way as I had it every morning for breakfast in Spain.
And I loathe grilled tomatoes, so any ideas gratefully received?
When I started writing this blog I had three aims in mind.
1) Pay off that darn debt.
2) Live more frugally
3) Live a simpler more organised life.
I have been concentrating on Number 3 recently, and therefore arranging my diary between now and Christmas.
I have a friend coming to stay next weekend as I prepare to say farewell to W Towers. We are going to have a day out on the Saturday and she is going to help me sort out some stuff prior to moving.
October I am away 2 weekends, 1 weekend The Chap and I are going away to a convention (don't ask!) and the following weekend it is my annual catch up with the girls, Kent this year.
I have been invited to Durham too in November, but am not sure it is either a 4.5hr train journey (well over £100) or a 200m drive.
I want to arrange a weekend with my sister too before Christmas. Plus I am about to pay my deposit for the first Christmas party meal I have been booked into.
Phew! so much to do on top or clearing out the flat.
The plan is this weekend to clean the flat thoroughly prior to starting "The Big Clear Out", also the agents want to photograph it next week.
If I can just clear the holiday washing and ironing, then I feel I am in a position to start chucking and packing. I am hoping that in doing so I can realise how much less stuff I need.
Posting my hols photos this weekend.
Frugally yours

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  1. It's good that you are thinking ahead for the next few months. You have a lot to do, but with organization, I'm sure you will get it all done just fine. Good luck.


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