Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hola, My Engleeeesh Chums!

Hello Honey, I'm Home!

Returned home in the early hours of Tuesday morning and back to work today with a bump.

I had such a wonderful holiday and really feel like my batteries have been recharged.

I am for me, mind numbingly tanned and just feel so much more healthier than I did for seeing the sun (skin cancer aside) and doing nothing strenuous for 10 days.

The Chap and I got on so well, which augurs only good for moving in together and we spent our days by the pool, me reading and him listening to his ipod with drinks in hand. We stayed out there until about 7-8pm before heading in for a shower and either a BBQ out the back or dinner in a local restaurant. (photos to follow)

Aside from dinners out and the food bought, I spent little and even managed to come home with over £100.

Good news from The Office, in that everything is looking stable and I can rest assured that my commission is my own so I threw £240.07 at the credit card nearly paying off my new washing machine. In fact I also threw another £30 at my other credit card. HOWEVER I managed to pay it off my old credit card by mistake that has been cancelled. So so so stupid and I am currently desperately trying to get in contact with my bank to get it back.

A careless mistake, and one that has really upset me this afternoon.

I did a food shop upon my return and will shortly update the relevant page, as it was quite a large shop for me and did entail a £7 mascara which was an impulse purchase.

I also paid for a beautiful bouquet of flowers for TC's parents to say thank you for letting me stay in their lovely holiday villa.

Yesterday, was not spent lulling in bed, I got up well before 9 and put on a load of washing. I then went and changed my Euros back using the MSE site to ensure I got the most for my dosh. I then went and put most of it straight into the bank before taking a note or two out to pay for the flowers.

Then off to see the Estate Agents as I had booked an appointment to discuss letting my flat. An hour and a half later I am well aware of all the responsibilities involved as a landlord and opted to pay a one off fee for finding and vetting a tenant. I will then manage it myself on an ongoing basis. I now have to be out by the 1st of November which seems precious little time to pack up 10 yrs worth of junk. So exciting though for this gf.

And finally, the reason for my nervousness all day at work. It was my little POLO's first MOT. The little beauty passed with only a new reg plate bulb (cost £1, with free fitting) required. So the tyres acquired last month have done me well. My local VW Dealership, picked it up, did the MOT and the bulb thingy for £30.20 inc VAT and then dropped it back washed, hoovered and with an air freshener. Excellent value, I thought.

In actual fact it needs a service too, but that can wait a month or two when it is coming in at £139. I am legal, that is sufficient for the time being.

Frugally yours

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  1. Glad you had a good holiday. Do you know how long your tenancy agreement will be at any one time? I only ask as a friend of mine had a bad time with a 6 month let and now rents 1 month at a time and inspects the property each month - a bit ott possibly! Mind you, my son and his partner rented on a yearly contract and that worked well. Hope you find a suitable tenant asap.


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