Monday, 24 September 2012

You Have Got To Love A Deal

I thought I should let you know, I got really excited on Thursday when I went to my local Tesco. As you see they have started a new promotion running until the 24th December.

Alessi cutlery.

I love Alessi items, and think they are functional, fun and a design classic. I only have a few items of theirs, mainly that were given as gifts.

I like the ice cream bowls I was given a few years ago. Look at the cute heart shaped spoons!
A di Alessi Big Love Ice Cream Bowl & Spoon, Blue, (AMMI01S AZ)
So you can imagine my delight when I realised the new promotion is for Alessi cutlery. I loved the knives I bought using the Tesco promotion a few months ago. So new cutlery would be ideal.

I calculate I want a 10 piece table set with 8 pastry knives and then 2 sets of serving spoons.

That means I require 70  vouchers. And to obtain 1 voucher you need to spend £20.

Well of course this thrifty girl is not going to spend £1400.00 on obtaining the vouchers.... crackers money.

But previous experience tells me you can "charm" additional vouchers from the Cashiers. Well, since Wednesday I have spent probably £30 on petrol and food combined and currently have 11 vouchers already.

After cheekily asking every time I go if I can have a voucher, or can I have some extra. I even yesterday got given 1 from the lady behind me in the queue.

Friends and family, plus The Chap and his parents have all been roped in so by Christmas I can have a new set of very expensive cutlery and serving spoons for the grand total £69.86. They should last a life time.

Watch this space for an update.

Frugally yours
P.S. Oh and if you happen to have some spare vouchers going you do not need ....... :o)

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