Thursday, 6 June 2013


I used to hate cheap shops and Primark is a good example.

Walking into an evironment which looks like a church hall jumble sale on a Saturday morning is not a pleasant shopping environment. I do not care how cheap it is.

I will only enter the shop, if a friend has specifically recommended I buy something from there.

I recently bought 4 or 5 differently coloured vest tops in microfiber that I wear a lot under low cut dresses to save my modesty. Too much boobage is not really office appropriate. They were £3 each and just brilliant, no ironing and come in such a variety of colours.

Today I walked into the office and my friend "G" was pouring us both a brew (what a woman!). The first thing I noticed about her? Great pins! I mean her legs looked fabulous! And I told her straight away. They were a lovely natural tan and very shiny.

She had bought a box of tights out of desperation from Primark. 5 pairs in a box for £3.
Primark £3 / box

I have paid £6 per pair for shiny posh summer tights before now and not looked any better.
60 pence per pair!

So today I went and bought 10 pairs for £6 to last me through the summer. At that price they are great value. And they come in small, medium, large and x large. I am 5ft 7 and need a large otherwise I get penguin crotch.
A classic example of penguin crotch.

I am fully expecting, wolf whistles and random bouquets of flowers being thrown my way june, july and august in these babies ....

 I also threw in 30 hair bands for £1 and a batman flannel for my nephew at £1 too. A good little stocking filler for him when I want to send him a well done present.
£1 each
The truth is I still hate Primark as a shopping experience, but have got to admit. You cannot beat it for a bargain.

Frugally yours


  1. I agree it is either a hit or a miss and most of the time it is a miss!!

  2. Er - Primark is cheap, yes. How do you think they make clothes that cheaply ... did you read the story about the factory that burned down in Bangladesh killing 380 people? I'm all for being thrifty but everything comes with a cost.

    1. It is a good point well made Anon. How much should ethics impact on our purchasing power. There is no doubt that some cheap clothes are at the cost of the ppl who make them.

      To play Devil's Advocate are not also some more expensive brands made by those poor paid and badly treated.

      Is it the best course of action to stop purchasing these brands and everyone then ends up out of work?

      I genuinely do not know, but there is most definately a debate there.

  3. Sorry, I wasn't meaning to have a go at you - lots of people shop there, and principles are expensive, for example I like to buy free-range meat but I don't buy a lot of it and I wouldn't buy it if I was on a tight budget (although I might choose not to eat meat at all in that case). And yes, expensive brands are often very unethical! It's not easy being green (or thrifty). I don't know the answer but I know that cost and price are two very different things. Thank you for responding to my comment, I do enjoy your blog.

    1. Morning Anon
      I really was not offended, I put my opinions into a public forum and do not expect everyone to agree with me. Debate is healthy and as long as everyone respects others opinions then there is no problem. You made a valid point!
      Pip pip
      Abigail x

  4. Firstly at 5 ft 3 Im very envious at your height!

    Im not a fan of Primark to be honest but think you have a great buy there.


  5. I've never heard it called penguin crotch before, very funny.


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