Monday, 17 June 2013

I Bought An IPad

I bought an IPad over the weekend.

It is a purchase I have been thinking about a long time.

The Chap has a tablet, but it is clunky and The Chap often gets fed up with its functionality.

I have been saving ready to pick one up. I had the money saved and ready to go for a couple of months. I just could not get to the final stage and actually buy it £399 is so much money to spend. I could not bring myself to spend the money. 

I was at an impasse, my natural frugality was holding me back. That is not a bad thing, it gives you time to think. £400 is a lot of my money. The first thing with spending so much money is to be sure you really want to buy it

Friday night I went off to get food for the next two weeks at Tesco. As I was wandering round, I noticed a sign up offering 6 months interest free credit for electrical purchases over £389.

Getting a deal on iPads is impossible, Apple just do not allow it and they do not need to. It is brand that everyone wants.

So I checked that they would let me buy an IPad on this deal. 

They would.

I still walked away to think about it.

Saturday I popped off after to breakfast and signed up.It's way I keep my capital and am paying no interest so six months at £65 per month.

I can pay the money back early if need be and the agreement is done via Barclays a reputable high street bank.

It's a good deal, plus I got £400 worth of stickers for Tesco's new promotion on saucepans and club card points too. 

I also bought an own brand Tesco iPad case. So far just as good as Apple's case at less money.

I am pleased to keep my capital and spread the cost, plus if I do change my mind it is no problem to pay it back.

And finally, it's amazing!!! I have been playing on it all weekend and love it. I have also been face timing my family which is so easy.

Living frugally means you can make these decisions. 

Frugally yours




  1. Oh how exciting! I am an Apple fan, I have a MacBook Air and I just love it had it for a while now and have been think about selling it and getting an Ipad so you will have to let me know how you get on with it. One of the girls at work got an Ipad mini recently so I will find out how she is getting on with that too!

  2. We bought DS for one at Christmas, because it was for him I didn't hesitate to buy it - Daddy and I went halves for it

    If it was for me then I would of been exactly the same as you, thinking lots and not quite bringing myself to buy it for ages!

    I love it, I play on it when DS isn't around and even my Mum pinches it to her room for a play when DS is asleep!

  3. I've been humming and arhhing over getting one for a few months and I think you might have just convinced me :)


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