Friday, 21 June 2013

The Coin Challenge Week 2

Another week gone by and it has been pretty fine. I left my job and managed to add to my collection of found coins.

To clarify all money must be found and not just discovered down the back of the sofa or at the bottom of a handbag.

It all started well last Saturday as I was walking back from the Sorting Office after picking up some parcels. 

There it was just lying on the floor... 1p on the pavement. I swooped in and pocketed the cash pleased I would have more money to blog about.

So imagine my delight on my last lunchtime on Monday when as I wandered off to pick up some cat treats there was more money lying on the pavement. Three 1p coins begging to add to the pot. 4pence in one week, almost enough to retire.

I have since scanned all walkways in the hope of more funds. No luck... 

But yesterday it was time for the big guns. This time thanks to my Mum.

We went to M & S together as she offered to buy me an outfit for my new job.

As you walk in there were trolleys, the kind you have to put £1 in to release the trolley.

Knowing of my new feature on finding money she spotted a solitary pound coin lying under the trolleys. I suspect a customer had dropped it whilst returning their trolley, dropped it and it had rolled under the line. Is a pound coin worth loosing one's dignity. It sure was!!

30 seconds later I was to be found lying full length on my stomach at the entrance to Marks and Spencer's Tamworth arm outstretched to obtain the cash.

Money found this week: £1.04

Total Money Found: £1.09.

£999,998.91 left to go

What £1.09 could buy me? 30mm price labels

Frugally yours


  1. Thank goodness for M&S! :) An excellent penny finding week!

  2. Well done to you and to your eagle-eyed mum for spotting the £1 coin.


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