Thursday, 13 June 2013

Keep Working

Thank you all so much for all your Congratulations and good wishes in my new job! X

My head is down and I am beavering away at the office trying to leave everything tidy and ready for a replacement.

I have agreed with my employer that I can leave Tuesday lunchtime and so have a week off before starting my new role.

I cannot wait, so very excited. I had a long chat with my new boss today about what to expect and my timetable for the first couple of weeks.

I really feel so energised at the thought!

2013 is so far a life changing year for me. Moved in with The Chap after 10 yrs leaving alone and new job after 14 yrs with the same company.

My Goodness it is only June!!

What's going to have happened by the end of the year?

Frugally yours

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