Tuesday, 18 June 2013

That's That Then

So I am no longer a sales person...that's that done! 

I finished work today and have a glorious week off work before starting with my new employer.

Sad really after 16 years. My friend G at work and I both cried a little after 7 hours together 5 days per week. I am really going to miss that lady. She has been so supportive and friendly and in the last few years the only thing that made going to work bearable. Thanks G and good luck!! Xxx

Because of holiday owed I was able to leave at lunchtime.

The plan was to mow the lawn and do some tidying at home.

Then I discovered my friend D was off work for a week and was gardening.

So we went shopping. Well, we went looking....

And then a cup of tea and a cake.

What a wonderful day!!

Frugally yours

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