Friday, 28 June 2013

The Coin Challenge Week 3

So not a bean to be had this week.. Bugger.

We drove to Scotland today, over five hours in a car, and we are both shattered.

So there it is, nothing to report um off to bed.

Frugally yours

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Week Off

So I start my new job tomorrow after a week off.

I have been busy today getting ready for starting and we are off to a wedding in Scotland on Friday. So up for an appointment at 8.30am this morning then off to buy a new tie for The Chap and matching pocket chief. Then picked up our dry cleaning. Back to pick up something my sister ordered before putting it in the post to her.  I finally got home at around 3pm. Then as always washing and ironing etc.

I got a great deal today as Debenhams had a sale on of up to 70%.

There has been a coat in Debenhams for weeks I loved but at £100 it was too expensive for my taste. Last week it was reduced to £49 in the sale. Nope, sorry still to expensive.

When I was in there today it was reduced again to £29.70. A massive 70% discount. 


All the back is box pleated and it is so smart. My dress for the wedding is black and white, as is my hat.  This will be perfect if it rains or doesn't get any warmer up north!

Whilst out last week I picked up a new pair of black trousers for work too from M&S. £16 is pretty good to start with, but I got them on a day with a 20% discount off all tops and bottoms so for £12.80.

Bargain can still be had peeps! You just need to keep an eye out.

Frugally yours

Friday, 21 June 2013

The Coin Challenge Week 2

Another week gone by and it has been pretty fine. I left my job and managed to add to my collection of found coins.

To clarify all money must be found and not just discovered down the back of the sofa or at the bottom of a handbag.

It all started well last Saturday as I was walking back from the Sorting Office after picking up some parcels. 

There it was just lying on the floor... 1p on the pavement. I swooped in and pocketed the cash pleased I would have more money to blog about.

So imagine my delight on my last lunchtime on Monday when as I wandered off to pick up some cat treats there was more money lying on the pavement. Three 1p coins begging to add to the pot. 4pence in one week, almost enough to retire.

I have since scanned all walkways in the hope of more funds. No luck... 

But yesterday it was time for the big guns. This time thanks to my Mum.

We went to M & S together as she offered to buy me an outfit for my new job.

As you walk in there were trolleys, the kind you have to put £1 in to release the trolley.

Knowing of my new feature on finding money she spotted a solitary pound coin lying under the trolleys. I suspect a customer had dropped it whilst returning their trolley, dropped it and it had rolled under the line. Is a pound coin worth loosing one's dignity. It sure was!!

30 seconds later I was to be found lying full length on my stomach at the entrance to Marks and Spencer's Tamworth arm outstretched to obtain the cash.

Money found this week: £1.04

Total Money Found: £1.09.

£999,998.91 left to go

What £1.09 could buy me? 30mm price labels

Frugally yours

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

That's That Then

So I am no longer a sales person...that's that done! 

I finished work today and have a glorious week off work before starting with my new employer.

Sad really after 16 years. My friend G at work and I both cried a little after 7 hours together 5 days per week. I am really going to miss that lady. She has been so supportive and friendly and in the last few years the only thing that made going to work bearable. Thanks G and good luck!! Xxx

Because of holiday owed I was able to leave at lunchtime.

The plan was to mow the lawn and do some tidying at home.

Then I discovered my friend D was off work for a week and was gardening.

So we went shopping. Well, we went looking....

And then a cup of tea and a cake.

What a wonderful day!!

Frugally yours

Monday, 17 June 2013

I Bought An IPad

I bought an IPad over the weekend.

It is a purchase I have been thinking about a long time.

The Chap has a tablet, but it is clunky and The Chap often gets fed up with its functionality.

I have been saving ready to pick one up. I had the money saved and ready to go for a couple of months. I just could not get to the final stage and actually buy it £399 is so much money to spend. I could not bring myself to spend the money. 

I was at an impasse, my natural frugality was holding me back. That is not a bad thing, it gives you time to think. £400 is a lot of my money. The first thing with spending so much money is to be sure you really want to buy it

Friday night I went off to get food for the next two weeks at Tesco. As I was wandering round, I noticed a sign up offering 6 months interest free credit for electrical purchases over £389.

Getting a deal on iPads is impossible, Apple just do not allow it and they do not need to. It is brand that everyone wants.

So I checked that they would let me buy an IPad on this deal. 

They would.

I still walked away to think about it.

Saturday I popped off after to breakfast and signed up.It's way I keep my capital and am paying no interest so six months at £65 per month.

I can pay the money back early if need be and the agreement is done via Barclays a reputable high street bank.

It's a good deal, plus I got £400 worth of stickers for Tesco's new promotion on saucepans and club card points too. 

I also bought an own brand Tesco iPad case. So far just as good as Apple's case at less money.

I am pleased to keep my capital and spread the cost, plus if I do change my mind it is no problem to pay it back.

And finally, it's amazing!!! I have been playing on it all weekend and love it. I have also been face timing my family which is so easy.

Living frugally means you can make these decisions. 

Frugally yours



Friday, 14 June 2013

Coin Challenge Week 1

Did you know that an estimated 2% of all coins ever minted have been lost?

They are lying stuck in the crevices of our couches, the cracks in our pavements and trodden into the mud in our back garden.

According to Royal Mint’s own website (you can view it here) they produce almost 5 billion coins per year.

In the UK alone 100 million coins are lost in 365 days, and that is only last year.

If all those coins were 1 pennies, that means 1 million pounds is lost every year. But they are not all one pennies, there are 2pennies, and 5 pennies, and 10 pence and 20 pence and 50 pence and one pound coins.
I calculate there are millions of pounds under our feet, in our sofas and buried in the garden. (have you heard of the staffordshire hoard?)

Careful consideration of the problem has led me to the decision I could manage on £1million pounds. Of course there would have to be some economies here and there. But I am confident it could be done..

So from now on I am making it my task to start finding this cash. It is mine for the taking.

I am calling this new feature The Coin Challenge, and every Friday will post about the amount of money I have found and where.

I started thinking about this post middle of the week after I had cleared the bottom of my handbag and managed to amass over £1, enough to buy me a can of pop to go with my homemade sandwich.

As I started thinking about it, my eyes drifted downwards and a flash of silver caught my eye. With all the grace and elegance of a ballet trained magpie I stooped down and picked up said coin. A 5p.
An excellent start. £999,999.95 to go.

Total Found this week:- 5p
Total to Date – 5p.

5pence would buy me a plastic bag.

Frugally yours

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Keep Working

Thank you all so much for all your Congratulations and good wishes in my new job! X

My head is down and I am beavering away at the office trying to leave everything tidy and ready for a replacement.

I have agreed with my employer that I can leave Tuesday lunchtime and so have a week off before starting my new role.

I cannot wait, so very excited. I had a long chat with my new boss today about what to expect and my timetable for the first couple of weeks.

I really feel so energised at the thought!

2013 is so far a life changing year for me. Moved in with The Chap after 10 yrs leaving alone and new job after 14 yrs with the same company.

My Goodness it is only June!!

What's going to have happened by the end of the year?

Frugally yours

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Drumroll Please...

I have been a bit lax in blogging of recent weeks.

I know I have.

There has been a reason.

Remember a while ago I mentioned in a post script I had some good news The Chap and I had celebrated with a nice dinner out?

Well, I got a new job!!

Today I handed in my notice, after 16 years working for the same company.

There has been so much to sort out, it has taken up a lot of my time over the last 4-5 weeks. Interview preparation, time off work etc.

I was delighted to be selected out of over 100 applicants. Whoo Hoo - look at me blowing my own trumpet!

  • My new working week is 37.5 hrs compared to 42 hours per week
  • My new journey will take 15 mins WALKING, comparied to 60 mins driving.
  • I will save £200 per month on my petrol costs, plus no more buying a new car every 4 yrs. My insurance will reduce as no more stating i do c25000miles per annum. Longer time frames between services and I get healthier!
  • A little bit more money.
  • No working in sales anymore, this is an operational role
  • Bigger company, new faces
  • Less holidays initially as I will drop 2 days per annum, but after 2 years there I will re-gain them and then gain more! AND I will be better off by 3 hrs per day, with less working hours and less commute.
I had been looking a while and this fitted everything I wanted. I am SOOO excited!

I start the end of this month as I have a 2 week notice period and am really looking forward to it.

It is the beginning of a new era!

Frugally yours

Thursday, 6 June 2013


I used to hate cheap shops and Primark is a good example.

Walking into an evironment which looks like a church hall jumble sale on a Saturday morning is not a pleasant shopping environment. I do not care how cheap it is.

I will only enter the shop, if a friend has specifically recommended I buy something from there.

I recently bought 4 or 5 differently coloured vest tops in microfiber that I wear a lot under low cut dresses to save my modesty. Too much boobage is not really office appropriate. They were £3 each and just brilliant, no ironing and come in such a variety of colours.

Today I walked into the office and my friend "G" was pouring us both a brew (what a woman!). The first thing I noticed about her? Great pins! I mean her legs looked fabulous! And I told her straight away. They were a lovely natural tan and very shiny.

She had bought a box of tights out of desperation from Primark. 5 pairs in a box for £3.
Primark £3 / box

I have paid £6 per pair for shiny posh summer tights before now and not looked any better.
60 pence per pair!

So today I went and bought 10 pairs for £6 to last me through the summer. At that price they are great value. And they come in small, medium, large and x large. I am 5ft 7 and need a large otherwise I get penguin crotch.
A classic example of penguin crotch.

I am fully expecting, wolf whistles and random bouquets of flowers being thrown my way june, july and august in these babies ....

 I also threw in 30 hair bands for £1 and a batman flannel for my nephew at £1 too. A good little stocking filler for him when I want to send him a well done present.
£1 each
The truth is I still hate Primark as a shopping experience, but have got to admit. You cannot beat it for a bargain.

Frugally yours

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Living With Boys

It has been 5 months, since I packed up my collection of beauty products and moved lock, stock and moisturising mask to The Chap’s house.

Life has remain pretty smooth, no arguments just the odd mood as I take offense at an imagined slight. Woe betide the boyfriend who doesn’t state “That was Deeee-licious!” after I emerge with a culinary delight every evening.

However, the odd situation does throw me for six as I contemplate the best way of tackling it.

Last night was a case in point.

I knew the day was probably going to be a disaster after I accidently managed to spray my hair with furniture polish and not hairspray as I was getting ready in the morning. God darn Tesco and their similarly festooned aerosols!

Yesterday evening, I had dinner booked with the girls from book club. It really is an excuse now to meet up every 2months for a good chin wag. We have even given up the pretence of actually reading a book and normally sit for 2 hours talking about partners, babies, jobs and last night weirdly washing. (??)

I always enjoy my evening out and last night was no exception. I chomped my way through a sticky chilli chicken salad and then rounded up my feast with a chocolate sponge pudding. All the while feeling vaguely guilty about the email I had hurriedly sent to The Chap during the day reminding I would not be home until late and there was frozen pizza and / or frozen scampi and baked beans in the cupboard. I do not know what he ended up eating and have not asked as I am guessing it was a 6 pack of Wheat Crunchies.

On the drive home from our feast, my stomach stated clenching and knotting, and by the time I got home the inside of the car had a faintly green atmosphere from the gaseous emissions.

By the time I walked through the door, I had to dash upstairs and proceeded to lock myself in the bathroom for 10 minutes, hoping that the noxious aromas would shortly pass. Twinkle who had snuck in with me, by this point was clawing at the door probably contemplating using a loofer in a desperate bid to dig a tunnel to freedom.

No change, my abdomen was tying itself up and the wind kept coming and Boy! if the instigator finds it most offensive then you know it could probably strip paint from steel.

Luckily, I found an old box of Buscopan, which is specifically for abdominal cramps, and took one ignoring the Best Before of 2011.

20 minutes and a hot shower later, I snuck into the lounge in attractive pair of pjs teamed with some thick bed socks and a dressing gown … buttocks clenched.

The Cats were studiously avoiding eye contact and I am sure Belle was sniggering!

I really could have done with an arthritic camel with a love of picked onions to blame it all on.

I casually mentioned my dinner was not agreeing with me whilst watching Game of Thrones, but as always TC was much more interested in discovering which Stark / Lannister (delete as appropriate) was going to murder whom and how.

Why do I feel the need to hide my flatulence, which really was the result of a dodgy dish, whilst The Chap thinks nothing of where we are and lets rip?

My feminine allure remains intact for another 24 hours..

Frugally yours

Monday, 3 June 2013

Abigail's Tip Of The Day

As this...


Looks like this..
Probably not a good idea to leave the polish on your dressing table post cleaning the bedroom..

I have smelled like Mr Shine all day..

It could only happen to me!

Frugally yours