Friday, 14 June 2013

Coin Challenge Week 1

Did you know that an estimated 2% of all coins ever minted have been lost?

They are lying stuck in the crevices of our couches, the cracks in our pavements and trodden into the mud in our back garden.

According to Royal Mint’s own website (you can view it here) they produce almost 5 billion coins per year.

In the UK alone 100 million coins are lost in 365 days, and that is only last year.

If all those coins were 1 pennies, that means 1 million pounds is lost every year. But they are not all one pennies, there are 2pennies, and 5 pennies, and 10 pence and 20 pence and 50 pence and one pound coins.
I calculate there are millions of pounds under our feet, in our sofas and buried in the garden. (have you heard of the staffordshire hoard?)

Careful consideration of the problem has led me to the decision I could manage on £1million pounds. Of course there would have to be some economies here and there. But I am confident it could be done..

So from now on I am making it my task to start finding this cash. It is mine for the taking.

I am calling this new feature The Coin Challenge, and every Friday will post about the amount of money I have found and where.

I started thinking about this post middle of the week after I had cleared the bottom of my handbag and managed to amass over £1, enough to buy me a can of pop to go with my homemade sandwich.

As I started thinking about it, my eyes drifted downwards and a flash of silver caught my eye. With all the grace and elegance of a ballet trained magpie I stooped down and picked up said coin. A 5p.
An excellent start. £999,999.95 to go.

Total Found this week:- 5p
Total to Date – 5p.

5pence would buy me a plastic bag.

Frugally yours


  1. I pick up every penny I see, I know it is crazy but some people would not bend over for a penny. I save my change in a pig and it is my Christmas slush fund!

  2. My dear hubby and I started a change fund a few years back. Everyday we take all our change we've managed to collect for that day and place in a large plastic container. at the end of the first year we cashed it in. We collected $196.92. last year was $231. 48. you will be amazed at how much change you find lyiing around your home, purse, clothes, etc.... we also look for pennies and other coins while out and about.

  3. I pick up change too when out walking the dogs. I get around £8 a month which doesn't sound a lot but we buy petrol with it and have a free trip with the money.

  4. I put all found money £1 and under into our charity collection box to be counted out and given away at Christmas, so any pennies, silver or £1 coins found whilst out or around the house go in there. With 6 adults in the house people know to either put their change away or it will disappear into the box if mum gets her hands on it. I also clear my purse out most evenings and any £2, 50p and 20p coins get put into another sealed tin for counting out on 1st December to buy Xmas prezzies. That tin is getting really heavy right now.


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