Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Bag A Freebie

I get so excited about a voucher.

I mean spine tingling, pupil dilating excited! I can shop for free! If you are a chap, it is the equivalent of getting a ticket to a sporting final.

So imagine my delight when I checked my O2 priority moments App this morning.

O2 are celebrating their Anniversary, so are giving Priority Moment customers a voucher for £10.00 for either Argos or Debenhams.

Now there are some Terms and Conditions, so watch out! You  cannot use it on sale goods etc.

Off I toddled at lunchtime today, as Argos is about 100 yards from office.

A flick through the Argos catalogue and I spied a cat bed in their value range.

At £8.99, it fitted into my budget, of paying.... well nothing!

It is quite small, but as Twinkle and Belle are still pretty little it will fit one, plus they like to roll into a ball to sleep.

With a little bit of luck, it might stop them from sleeping on my Calvin Klein coat (that is where I found one this morning!)

Priority Moments do have quite a good few deals on when I checked today
1- Halford are offering a free de-icer and car scraper
2- 45% off Odeon cinema ticket
3 - Free regular sized drink at Cafe Nero
4 - £20 off a £40 spend at The Body Shop (not sale goods)
5 - Free weightwatchers book at WH Smiths

I still have this headache and now my left ear is making a sound like crackling or a log burning. It is most disconcerting! Paracetamol / aspirin and Ibuprofen are just not touching it. I even tried a decongestant, and no luck. Sorry to moan, but at my wits end!

Frugally yours


  1. Your headache sounds really nasty! Maybe you should go to the Docs with it if it's not shifting... Could it be sinusitus?
    And ear infections can cause nasty headaches too my dear :(

    Hope you feel better soon. Hugs to you.

  2. Could be a blocked Eustachian tube - if its that (and this can work for an ear infection to tide you over), try inhaling steam with or without something in it.

  3. Did you actually get to use your O2 voucher in Argos? We tried to use my boyfriends at the end of December and it locked up the till as the codes weren't working!!

    1. Yes, it worked a treat. Sorry yours did not. Have you complained?

    2. I have not had any success posting comments in the past, even though I have been following your blog for a few months now. I get migraines and one thing that helps me sometimes is this little trick. Take two extra strenght tylenol ( it has to be tylenol because of the caffeine) and right away dring a very strong ( two bag steeped) cup of tea. The caffeine jolt seems to do something. It probably would not hurt to give it a try. Let me know how it turns out.


    3. Hello Tracy
      Thank you for the advice. The worst is over now thank goodness. I have checked and Tylenol is not really available in the UK, but Panadol seems very similar so I will buy some to keep in stock.
      When I am in the USA I normally buy Exedrin (sp?) as that works a treat. Last time I came back with a couple of bottles, all gone now unfortunately.
      Cannot understand why you could not post before, I hope it works fine now.
      Aigail x


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