Thursday, 24 January 2013

Snow Snow Go Away, Come Back Another Day!

I have been a bit fed up this week. The Chap can attest to that.

I walked in through the door last night and could not speak for a while. He came to give me a kiss (to dissolve any fairy tale notions you may have of our great romantic displays of affection, he did have to finish a particular level of Call of Duty and put down the xbox remote thingy first).

Anyhoo, after a kiss hello, he told me my nose was very cold.

It’s all about the love between TC and I… :o)

This week has been dreadful from start to finish. The snow where I live has compacted into inch thick ice. So taking the car to work is much too dangerous, beside which as I now live on a slight hill it is virtually impossible anyway. The griters don’t visit this little estate.

So I have been using British Rail to get into work. Here is an example of my trip home yesterday and in today. Please keep in mind that I have to pay £15.10 / day for the privilege of travelling with them.

Getting In This Morning
6.30AM Wake up, fuss the cats and get up.
6.55AM Out of the door, and march on sheet ice to station
7.20AM Catch 1st train
8.30AM Reach destination 30 mins later than expected due to signalling problems
8.45 AM Catch 2nd train to where I work, which is also running late and currently locked when I arrive at the platform.
9.10 AM Arrive in town centre I work in
9.30AM Walk through office door.

Getting Home Last Night.
5.10PM Leave work 50 mins early
5.32PM Catch first train
5.50 PM Arrive at station and wait 45 mins for a train on concourse
6.35 PM Cannot fit on first train as too overcrowded, plus it will stop 2 stations before I need to get off
6.40 PM Catch next train
7.20 PM Arrive at stop before my station, where train terminates.
7.45 PM Walk through front door.

Last night, I was so cold and tired, I did not eat or do anything I just sat on the sofa in front of the fire and could have cried. And it really makes you in just the right frame of mind to clean out  a cat's ear!

I feel like a  rubbish employee getting in late (I should start at 8.30AM) and having to leave early (I should finish at 6PM), and fed up when I get home. Plus I can ill afford paying £15.10 / day for more than another day or two.

This snow is NOT fun, and causing a lot of problems.

Yet more forecast for tomorrow afternoon / evening.

Frugal and Fed Up



  1. Oh dear...I'd be thoroughly fed up with that as my day as well. And they wonder why people don't use public transport. I think we have torrential rain forecast soon so let's look on the bright side eh? Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like you deserve it! Claire x

  2. I'd call in sick. :)

  3. I guess you aren't the only one using public transportation now because of the snow. Here's wishing you some warmer weather.


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