Monday, 14 January 2013

Mission Accomplished or 82 Imps & An Armful Of Empties

Stuff this horrible, snowy, rainy and cold weather!

Is it unreasonable that I just want to go back home, crawl into bed and read Mills and Boon War and Peace whilst drinking chocolate milk and stroking a cat?

Probably not, but the chances of it happening are the same as Jason Statham approaching me covered in whipped cream carrying a doughnut and a mind full of sinful ideas.

Still that is my daydream.

I am nursing a dreadful headache today, think of your worse hangover and and multiply it by 82 imps clogdancing in your head. Not even a great evening out the night before! Just a miserable all consuming headache that started yesterday morning and still shows no chance of abaiting.

This weekend has nearly wiped The Chap and I out. Finally the flat has been cleaned and cleared, I did have one embarrassing episode.

I cleaned out my booze stock. It was full of those dreadful bottles you bring back from holiday and so a bottle of peach schnapps, half a bottle of Aldi equivalent Baileys, a bottle of Damson Wine (where the hell did that spring from? I hate wine and Damon Wine sounds goddamn awful!) and finally a quarter of a bottle of vodka all went down the drain.

Unfortunately I got caught recycling the empties by two neighbours who now probably think the quiet girl at no19 was passed out most evenings due to alcohol… hey ho!

I finally finished at 8pm, after a mad final 60 minutes. When I caught myself vacuuming the filter for the tumble dryer, I decided it was time to call it a day and left.

The Chap was putting up coving in the kitchen when I got home and obviously had been surrounded by water fowl as I kept hearing “DUCK!” coming from the kitchen. Discretion being the better of cowardice I kept clear and emptied out the car. You see on Saturday I got asked the question “Do you think we need coving in here?”

So now a new project, sorting out the stuff in the spare room. Poor Twinkle and Belle are mildly worried at the boxes everywhere but doing their best to impart hair over everything from bank statements to cashmere coats. Ofcourse I am not stressed about it at all…..

(See photos at the end as currently not able to upload)

We both managed to sit down at 10pm, and by then the headache I had staved off all day with asprin really started, so I gave up and went to bed.

I think both of us are shattered. No break over Christmas, and every weekend spent on honing his DIY skills and my cleaning prowess is beginning to take its toll. I would love to have a day just him and I no drill or vacuum cleaner and no money being spent.

Goodness knows if that will ever happen anytime soon, we can but pray.

On the plus side, cleaning does stop you from spending.

Frugally yours


  1. Hey looks great to me. Love the empty bottles at the neighbors, you little lush you...

  2. Erm...that's actually *my* daydream, nightdream, anytime dream :D ..... LOL.

    You'll get there soon, and then it'll all be done. Knackering, I know, but so worth it :)

    1. Jason Statham really is a dish! All done now and never again. I would be homeless if we break up.


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