Thursday, 17 January 2013

Well That Was Worth Doing!

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Remember December? All that festive good humour and anticipation of time off to celebrate Christmas?

I do. I remember writing my Christmas cards, and getting cramp in my hands.

I remember buying all the stamps and being in a mood for a while after, as it had cost me so much.

I also remember getting our local magazine. You know the type of thing all glossy pictures and text, telling you of local businesses and some photos of posh people in expensive clothes opening something or other or at a fancy pants dinner.

I like getting this magazine, it comes every couple of months and I always have a read through. I shove it in my handbag and grab it out one lunch time for a mull over.

Well they always have competitions. I do like a competition.

In December they had three, 1) win a dinner for two at a local posh steak house 2) win a gold pendant from a local jewellers studied with semi precious stones 3) win a £50 voucher for the local high street to spend at one of 5 stores.

I entered all of them, some of them twice. Most you enter with an email. The final one you had to send a postcard and the answers to some very easy questions. As I had a couple of stamps left over, I entered twice.

I only went and blooming won! I got home last night to find a letter from the posh mag saying congratulations and I just needed to take the letter in with a proof of ID and “Bobs your Uncle”. £50 of free stuff.

There are limitations to the stores it can be used at
2 menswear shops
A jewellery shop
A photographic studio
A kitchen / cooking supplies shop.
A local museum shop.

I squealed, yes an honest to goodness yelp of delight passed my lips in the manner of an Enid Blyton heroine.

The Chap looked vaguely concerned, and I passed over the letter. My thoughts whirling as I mentally decided between some earrings, or perhaps a locket (I have always wanted one).

“Oh Good!” he stated, “We can get another saucepan or two”

Frugally yours


  1. Well done :) Forget the saucepans and get some bling :)

  2. Well, if you use that for the saucepans, does it mean you don't have to get them for you birthday? :D

    Congratulations on the win though! Have a great weekend. x


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