Sunday, 20 January 2013

Even More Free Stuff

I ventured out again this yesterday. We needed some cat food.

I ended up walking about three miles.

First stop train station to pick up tickets for tomorrow. No luck, they wouldn't let me buy them until after 3pm. Ridiculous system.

So on I trudged, to Pets 4 You to check out their cat food prices. £5.59 for a 2kg sack. Or 3 for £9.

Not bad at all, but Lidl was a bit further and I needed some bits n bobs. Their food was not right but £4 for 2kg bag.

I grabbed some stuff for lunch and walked back to pick up 6kg of cat food.

Next to the superstore was a Halfords car supermarket. Luckily I remembered checking my O2 moments, so was able to waltz in and grab a free de-icer and scraper. Pretty useful at a time like this. Well when I can dig the car out and our road does not look like a skating rink.

More free stuff. Brilliant!

So last week I got £10 Argos voucher which I spent not the cat bed, won £50 voucher for my local town and bought the new Alessi cat bowls, then wound up th week with de-icer and scraper.

Wouldn't mind another week like that this week please!

Frugally yours


  1. Brilliant, a very profitable week x

  2. Im with O2 but I dont know about these moments you mentioned?
    Could you tell me what they are?

    Many thanks

    Amanda xx

    1. I only know about it in the UK.
      If you have your mobile through O2. You are eligable to join their priorty moments.
      Easiest just to download the app (that is what I do) then you log in. It is a bit complicated. You have to provide info then they send you a text to login etc.
      However it means you get access to free stuff like the de-icer and scraper. On you anniversary you get a voucher for £10. It gives you money off restaurants or at the moment 45% off odeon tickets (not django though) or £20 off a £40 spend in body shop (not sale goods).
      I often get the M&S meal deal when priority moments offer it to me for £8 and not £10. (not every time M&S offer the deal!)
      You just click on the deal you want and then decide whether to save it or use it now. You then just show the cashier the code that comes up and you get it free or discounted. be aware often there is only so many available or a deal is only available until a certain date.

      You can do it online as well.
      Any problems ring up O2 or go into the nearest store.
      Really worth getting, sometimes you have a few good deals together, but then you might need to wait a month or two until something relevent comes up.
      All deals can be refined for food, entertainment etc and all will shown in how local they are to you.
      Something always come up like 20% off cleaning at Johnsons or money off at hotel chocolat.
      I would advise you to join!
      Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.

  3. Vinegar and water 1-3 help get the ice off cars...Francesca


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