Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Badly Frightened

I am going a little off topic at the moment. Hope you don't mind!

Driving home this evening, I have to go through an unlit business park.

That's when I realised I had no headlights.

None at all.

On a busy country style road with oncoming traffic that often over take at high speeds.

The hazards went on immediately, but there was nowhere safe to pull over.

I had to carry on to the end of the road then turn right at a traffic lights onto an A road. Speed limit 50mph.

I then pulled off almost straight away onto a lay-by.

I then called Green Flag, and informed The Chap I was going to be late.

I then sat back, and waited, thinking I was safe.

I thought I was safe.

I had pulled up behind an HGV which was parked.

I don't know if I had pissed him off by having my hazards on, but after about 10 minutes the driver got out and came to look at me. He then proceeded to get back in his lorry and reverse as close as he could get to me then go forward and then get out and come back to stand in front of my car and watch. This process was repeated about 4 or 5 times.

I have never been so frightened.

I couldn't get out of my car, he did not try to speak to me and I couldn't get away.

All this time I was on the phone to my mum or The Chap very scared.

It was only half past six, pitch black on a road with lorries and cars whizzing by.

Utterly trapped.

I have never been so pleased to see Tim the Green Flag rescue man.

As soon as he arrived, the driver got back in his lorry and left me alone and I sat in tim's van.

The driver obviously did not want to move as he stayed there even after I had pulled away.

Tim diagnosed two blown head lamps. Strange as I only checked them this morning. According to my saviour, sometimes one goes, then the surge blows the second.

I am home now and safe. The Chap cooked me a pizza. I still have the heeby jeebies.

Not a nice thing to happen when I still feel dreadful, and my chest infection continues.

Plus, I had to fork over £14 for two new bulbs.


Is it the weekend soon?

Frugally yours


  1. You should have got the registration number of the lorry and phoned the police. It is very frightening being in a situation like that. Perhaps the idiot thought if he reversed close enough to you, his lights would 'miraculous' light yours!

    1. I have got his reg and the company HGV he was driving. Think I am going to ring them today.
      I was close to ringing the police, when Green Flag turned up.

  2. Scary moment Abigail! Not nice feeling that vulnerable. Hope you feel better today x

  3. Abigail, ring the company. There are some very strange people out there who think it is perfectly OK to harass women drivers. I had one once, pulling up behind me, flashing his lights etc. I drove to the police station and stopped outside. Feck wit left me alone after that.

    Hope you have now settled down after this nasty experience, hugs xxx


  4. Flippen eck! What very odd behaviour - no wonder you were frightened!

    Yeah definately ring the company to report it, glad to hear that your home safe and well - you will need a glass of wine for that!

    Amanda x

  5. This a frightening story. Glad you made it home okay.

  6. I think I'd call that an intimidating threat that could have escalated if the repair man did not arrive.


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