Thursday, 31 January 2013

Oh Lord, It Is Still Only Thursday?

It has been a heck of a week.

I am still not well, sweating my way through my nights and coughing my way through my days. The antibiotics do not seem to be helping and I just feel rough. Plus as I am too tight to buy balm enriched tissues, the loo roll I have been using is making my nose so sore and red that soon santa will be shoving some antlers on me and getting me to pull his sledge.

I have been in work everyday, but I am longing for the weekend and a lie in.

After feeling ill and then the car breaking down, I just feel this week is never ending.

I am off to see the Parentals this evening who have just returned from 2 weeks at their villa in Spain. They missed the snow and returned just before the big thaw. Jammy old sods!

I just miss them dreadfully whilst they are away, so have been really glad to know they have returned. Mum is cooking my favourite a proper roast chicken with all the trimmings Cannot wait, thanks Mummy!

Today was PAY DAY, is it me but has it been a millennia since we all last got our salaries?

Another few days and I would have been boiling up an old leather handbag for dinner. So tomorrow evening I plan to run riot at Tescos.

However, as soon as I got it, it just went. I worked out 77% of my salary will be allocated / spent today. I have paid all the bills I need to pay (a lot were final bills from the flat utilities, telephone etc) and withdrawn £500 to cover food and petrol for the month.. I also paid a friend for a ticket to see Spamalot in March. That was the only thing I paid for which was for fun. £38.20.  I don’t think I can start tackling the overdraft just yet.

Life is a bit of a slog at the moment.

I am still getting used to the whole living together “thing” if honest, I miss the organisation of my flat and feel very much like I am camping or that feeling you get on holiday where everything is being fished out of a case wrinkled or lost all together.

I need to get it all sorted, as currently I keep finding a pussy cat mixed in with the dirty laundry here at Southfork.

As Southfork is a work in progress there is something that needs to be done every weekend. This Saturday I believe my day has been ear marked as “taking the cardboard from the kitchen units to the tip and helping TC get rid of the radiators in the garage” kind of day… What fun! (cheerful face!)

Post my rather frightening situation on Tuesday evening with the HGV Driver, I did first thing Wednesday morning contact the firm involved, detailing what happened. They got back by lunchtime and stated they had checked their fleet records and contracted drivers and it was no record of this truck on their system.

They put forward the possibility it was a foreign truck or independent in their field.

They agreed the behaviour was unacceptable and unprofessional and suggested I contact the local authorities.

I cannot see any point pursuing this now. I am not a case on Crimewatch, so am just chalking it to experience.

A bit flat today as you can probably guess. Looking forward to seeing my mum and dad and then having a big hug with TC.

And if anyone wants to slip me £500 so I can book a sneaky week in the sun, then please don’t feel I will be offended and not offer!!!!    Ha ha ha wouldn’t that be unlikely.!

Frugally yours


  1. You need a weekend of rest and mom time. You will feel better. Bummer of a week.

  2. If you've been taking the antibiotics since Sunday and aren't feeling any better then you may need a different type - that's happened to me before with a chest infection( and also with one particularly bad bout of tonsillitis - that took 80 penicillin V and 40 erythromicin to get rid of !)

  3. Abigail, I hope you pass you bugs to your boss and make him/her seriously ill. You should not be going into your work place this ill! You don't get any praise for it. Bastards! Sorry! Hope you fell 100% soon xx

  4. Thanks for all your concern. Made me feel better just to read it!. x


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