Monday, 28 January 2013

Unicorn Poop

I am still feeling absolutely lousy, but I dragged my sorry ass into work today. Really wish that I had not bothered, no thanks and no sympathy. After 14 years with the same company you would think I would learn that my employer expects me to be dead before I take a day sick.


However, now is a really good time to buy stuff.

Normally I would never advocate you buying anything, unless you honest to goodness need it. But if you do honest to goodness need it then buy it now.

I had Friday off to enjoy a long weekend. So off I tootled to my local town centre for a mooch and to visit the bank. As often happens The Chap also asked me to do 101 jobs for him, as he hates anything which could be even vaguely entitled as “shopping”.

I was delighted to do so as our road still had an inch of ice on it, TC had picked up 2 bags of rock salt and was going to have a go at clearing it with a spade. Now I would have cleaned a ticklish elephant’s bottom with a soft toothbrush to get out of that job.

One thing I really did need was some moisturiser for my face. As I hurtle towards 40 at break neck speed my face is just getting dryer and dryer or is that drier and drier??. The cheap supermarket pot I picked up for under a £1 was irritating my face a little by causing a slight burning sensation.

I would love to have picked up a Clarins pot, but at £40 I could not bring myself to do so.

However, I did come across a voucher for The Body Shop. I rarely enter The Body Shop as the last time I went in I found it a little too flowery for me.

Plus I thought it expensive.

However, they were offering an excellent deal with this voucher. Spend £40 instore and get £20 off your purchases. That is a 50% discount. So I ended up getting some day cream, night cream, hand cream and aftershave balm for The Chap. Total spend £41.50, price I paid £21.50.

This is not worth doing unless you really need something, but TC was delighted with his aftershave balm and utterly convinced it will make him look devastatingly attractive to women. I told him he did not need the lotion for that.

He still thought my face cream was expensive, and he is probably right, though I absolutely refuse to admit it to him. The situation was speedily resolved by telling him it contained Unicorn poop.

I like the moisturiser and would (so far) buy it again, but probably only if there was another deal. I was wondering if it was worth stocking up for birthdays / Christmas?

I accessed the voucher using my O2 priority moments, but  think you can also get it (or something similar) at vouchercodes  / voucherclouds and a link on the moneysavingexpert website and finally on their own website.

Frugally yours


  1. I discovered Body Shop bargains a couple of years ago. I couldn't believe some of their offers and regularly stocked up on three for twos at the same time as 'spend £40, get £20 off'. This was particularly useful when stockpiling stocking fillers for Christmas (mini shower gels, hand creams etc). PLUS all products are ethically sourced and not tested on animals. Major feel good factor all round then.
    My latest moisturiser discovery is coconut oil (bought huge tub from amazon for about a tenner) - I use it on my face and preggy belly (it's a hell of a lot cheaper than Bio Oil and, with 2 weeks until my due date, no stretch marks!).

  2. I can't use the supermarket creans either but I discovered that I can use the Aldi one at £1.99. It suits me really well at the moment so I was pleased to be given a recommendation by a friend about that as you can imagine.


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