Saturday, 19 January 2013

2nd Class Citizens

The snow here has been horrific for the UK.

Friday I woke up and the weather forecast had warned us there was going to be problems.

So I popped on my jeans and wellies and headed for the train station.

I am so glad I did.

Catching the train is a pain. The train left at 7.30pm and I walked through the office door at 9.10am.

It's crackers! A 20 mile journey means two trains and a bit of a walk. Not to mention ticket of over £15.

However, as I sat in the train the snow came down with a vengeance. Within minutes everything was white.

20 minutes after I arrived my Director left worried about the possibility of not being to make it home in his car.

G and I stayed put working until about 11ish then we happened to look outside and all hell broke loose.

The snow was really deep. We had to push her vehicle off the car Park.

I managed to make it home but was terrible worried that the trains would suddenly be cancelled.

I got back through the door to receive a call from The Chap, his car was stuck. Unable to get up a hill. So he had to abandon it and catch a train too.

No more snow so far, but no sign of it melting and more forecast for Sunday and Monday.

I went out today early. I had a list of things to do for TC and I.

One of them was spend my winning voucher. Harder than you would imagine.

The kitchen supplies shop did not stock tefal pans. I want a full set of matching pans.

So I did sneak over to the jewellers, but £50 only bought you a smile in there.

No go in the other shops, the menswear shops sold items only grandfather would have worn. Can't see TC in White leather boots. Well I can,but I may have been an ex girlfriend if I had bought then! Lol

So I indulged the other members of our little family.

New cat bowls!

How posh are these? Alessi cat bowls. Retail price £45. Who would spend £45 on cat bowls????

Well I did. They are very smart and Twinkle and Belle will be eating off much better bowls than us. Does that mean TC and I are second class citizens in our own home ??? :o)

We are never buying cat bowls again...

Mind you they are beautiful!!

Frugally yours


  1. I'm sure that normally you wouldn't spend such an amount on the cats but when the other shops you can use your voucher in don't stock what you need, what's a girl to do!

  2. A friend of mine bought something similar for her cats, saying that the tail enables her to pick them up without bending right down, which she can't do because of arthritis, dodgy knees etc: another excuse if you need one! And second class citizens; of course you are; you're the cats' staff (I know my place!).

    1. Yes that is a good point, plus we were worried Fatty Twinkle just shoved her head into the old bowl so polite old Belle was pulling out food one at a time using her paw. Now they get a dish each.
      Is it awful to admit I would like another to put water in?


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