Thursday, 10 January 2013

Living Together or A Novice's Thoughts.

Before I start writing let me qualify all of the text below with the statement "I love The Chap, Dearly""

I returned from my sister's on Boxing Day and since then have spent every night at The Chap's house. But, I consider we moved in together the day I moved over my bathroom cabinet. It is the female equivalent of hanging one's hat for us ladies. The day my lotions and potions crossed the threshold, then in my mind I had moved in. Basically, wherever I shave my legs is my home.

The Chap and I in nearly 2 years together have only had one argument. I am a paragon! (ha ha!)

But, at nearly 37 this is the first time I have lived with a man and I always knew that there were going to be some things that would take a little getting used to. After 10 years of owning my own place, and making all the decisions I realise that having someone else to consider would take some getting used to. (My mum says it knocks the corners off one)

This, came home to me on Monday when I swung by my parents after work to pick up their set of keys to give to my agent for the new tenant. I had a cup of tea and then toddled off to the estate agent's to drop the keys through the letter box. It never occurred to me TC would wonder where I was. So I was slightly perturbed to receive a text on the way home at 8.30pm asking where I was and if I was ok. I acknowledge I had been thoughtless. These little situations are bound to crop up.

But, I am still getting used to a lot of things. Getting ready for work in the morning is weird (now I have to wait for the bathroom!) and grocery shopping for 2 seems so much more expensive as I cannot expect a manly man like TC to just have a bowl of cereal one evening a week.

Having to compromise on what we want to watch is disconcerting too though we both like anything scifi or Attenborough related. These are areas of living with another I just had not considered.

Plus, as much as I love TC, we are just going to have to stop his little habit of leaving the towels to dry on the bathroom floor (I don't care there is underfloor heating in the room!).

I am far from perfect, and realise that my OCD cleanliness must be irritating (a point in fact I have a rolling device on my toothpaste tube to ensure all contents are used whilst the container remains spotless).

All these situations I was expecting.

All these situations I was not
1) TC goes to bed much later than I during the week, so I now struggle to sleep from the very low background noise of the tv. I am sure he must have noticed that all this week I had make up removal pads stuck in my ears by the time he came to bed. Not my best look.
2) When is the most discreet time to poop?
3) Is it ok to divulge that I like to lounge about in jogging bottoms when I get home, that are ever so slightly the wrong side of tatty.
4) Is it ok if I put the heating on?
5) When is it acceptable for me to change us over to my bed linen (which is better, newer and bigger)?
6) How long can I leave my legs now between shaving as before I just shaved them on the nights I was seeing him. Does he even know my legs have hair????

Such minor queries in the great scheme of life, and really he is perfect. Yesterday he arrived home to show me a new kitchen tap he was planning to fit. It is one with the hose attachment that I really wanted. "Posh people have hose attachments on their kitchen taps", I told him, when we were discussing kitchen sink adornments. So he had bought one to plumb in and had it delivered.

God bless his cotton sock.

Frugally yours


  1. Hubby is much noisier than I - when we moved in together I took to wearing earplugs (he lightly snores on occasion). I wear them every night and now cannot sleep without them. Just a suggestion to buy some to keep the peace. They work great on vacation too so you can block out foreign noises.

  2. I second the earplugs! As for the poop thing...I still try to do it only when hubby is not home. LOL Loved this post and know you two are going to be great together.

  3. Love your blog! ive been a subscriber now for a few months and look forward to reading your posts every night. i live in san jose, california. moving in together is a big adjustment as you will see but it will soon become more comfortable. i also recommend earplugs. keep up the wonderful, insperational and also funny posts please!

  4. Hello
    Thank you for all the lovely comments.
    Am off to purchase some ear plugs this weekend. Great idea!
    pip pip

  5. I'll send you some if you like A, I pick up them by the handful at Formula 1 races for free and never use them.

  6. This post made me laugh and one I can soo relate to!
    I separated from my ex husband in 2009 and are so use to living on my own, when my boyfriend stays over,I will still only make the one cup of tea for me just because I forget that there is someone else there!Im forever apologising to him for things like that!

    God help him if we ever move in together! lol

    Amanda x

    1. It is so true, the big things like money etc and washing are not causing my any problems, but I cannot wait to change his bedding over, and hate having to ask what he fancies for dinner rather than just prepare what I fancy.

  7. Well, at least you had spent some weekends with him. Imagine what it must have been like in day or yore when you hadn't even slept together! These things will sort themselves out in time. Hopefully re the TV he will either learn to turn down the sound or else buy him wi fi headphones.


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