Tuesday, 24 January 2012

MInd Your Own Damn Business Nosey!

I have been upset most of today, and thought I would share with you the reason why.

Someone gave me a dressing down.

I was talking about my situation, and another overheard and then gave me a bit of a lecture on debt, on how good their financial situation was and on how bad mine was.

I am not sure whether I am genuinely upset, or cross or irritated. But, the fact of the matter is another person’s opinion has been depressing me all day. I wanted to say to everyone out there. If you are doing what I am doing, if you are paying money back, if you are trying to save. Then “do as I say and not as I do” and tell others to mind their own business and take pleasure from the fact you are facing your debt. Be strong, and continue. If you fail one day and spend too much. Well tomorrow is another day, try again. The only opinion that matters is yours. I say “Well Done You!”.

After posting last night, I decided to get started on my to do list.

Here is one kitchen cupboard pre clear out and clean,
And here it is after post - much more organised and now the pyrex should not lurch towards me as I open the door.
I also dug out the mushroom kit. Here it is

And got that set up. Apparently I should see something start to happen by the end of the weekend. I am not convinced it will work as according to the kindly donator from Freecycle they have had it for 12months. I believe the mushroom spores have a shelf life, but we will soon see. 

I also started on the washing. So the list is getting cracked off, which is great.

I also took these back to M&S today, and got my £29.00 back.  
I am disappointed, I have wanted a denim skirt, but the truth it that money will pay for about 4 to 5 days petrol, without me raiding my savings. So it has to go. Sob sob.

Whilst in the kitchen yesterday cleaning out a cupboard and preparing the mushroom kit I took the opportunity to pull out all three of my freezer drawers and review the contents. It is quite interesting to go through every now and again and review current food levels. I found some burgers, sausages and 4 Mr Brains faggotts I had forgotten about. So that means most the weekend and next weeks food is sorted with a little imagination and some vegetables.  

I could do with reviewing my store cupboard too, maybe next week now.

To update you on my weekly cash budget challenge, I started Monday with £7.50 in cash. Yesterday I spent £1.39 (coke and crisps) and today I spent £3.00 in Poundland on a multi bag of crisps, 3 cans of coke and some headache tablets so £4.39 spent which leave me with £3.11. It is going to be tight guys! 

I think living frugally is all about the little things to be begin with looking after your cash daily and keeping abreast of bank accounts. If you do that then the big savings follow naturally.

I thought I would share with you what I carry around daily in my purse. Here it is, nice isn’t? My sister bought it for me.
Inside is
-          Car insurance certificate
-          Driving license
-          Business cards
-          Tesco clubcard
-          Subway loyalty card
-          Boots loyalty card
-          2x debit cards (current and bills)
-          2xcredit cards
-          AA membership card
-          Blockbuster card
-          Library card
-          Online banking card
-          Local bank manager’s business card
-          Tesco clubcard coupons
-          Various shopping receipts
-         £3.11 in coins and £15 in notes to pay for my evening class in February.

It has made me wonder, if it is not a little too well filled. Perhaps I could take some stuff out?

What is in your purse?
Frugally yours



  1. Try to ignore them, it is your life not theirs and at least you are trying. It might help if you can eventually get rid of your credit cards. A friend of mine wrapped hers in a plastic bag and froze them in a tub of water. That way, when she felt tempted she knew she would have to thaw them out!. As I'm not a coke drinker ignore this advice if it won't work. What about buying a big bottle of coke and carefully decanting it into a smaller bottle to take to work each day - should cut the price a little.

  2. You have made my day, you really have Datacreata. My first comment from someone and not even related to me or a friend. I gotta love you.
    Read your blog, it's great.
    Great idea for the credit cards, but I have not used them in years so I am am good thanks.
    Going to look into the decanting idea though - brilliant!
    Thanking you kindly

  3. I love the idea of having the bank managers card in your purse! I normally have numbers written on scraps of paper that I forget eventually whose numbers they are! X

  4. People can be cruel. Glad I am not the only one who has bank managers card in my purse lol


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