Sunday, 29 January 2012

Jimmy Choo and Other Improvements.

Well Sunday has come around again and I am ready for a long soak at W Towers Spa. The lights and candles are lit and I just have to write this and then I am ready to go.
Save for petrol in the car (£25) I have had a no spend weekend, spent Friday and Saturday night with The Chap so I turned my heating right down and he bought us a chinese last night which was delicious.

Back home today and tried to get started on my To Do List. Unfortunately, not been too successful.

  • Sort out photos from holiday in 2010!
  • Sew buttons on trousers and coat
  • Clear another kitchen cupboard
It doesn't look great, but I forgot to take a before shot and trust  me this is a huge improvement.

·Empty clutter from the hall.
My hall ends up being a such a dumping ground when I get and paperwork etc cn spend weeks just lying on the floor and stairs waiting to actioned, but which not good when I am aiming for a simple life.
Here are the before shots
Now, doesn't this look better?
It took about 10 minsutes and feels much more clean down there now.
· Bake bread
· Bake a lemon cake
· Make another sausage casserole in the slow cooker

These three are my big fails of today.
I rally wanted to do a lot of baking, and even made a filing for 2 vegetable pies, but when I went to the cupboard - no plain flour. I had strong, self raising etc but no plain which I needed for the cake and pie crust.
COuld not believe, had everthing else and could have baked bread. BUt, the whole pint was using the oven all in one go. ANd, since it was too late to go and buy some. I had to give in.
The vegetable filling is now in the firday, hopefully waiting for one night this week. Or else into the freezer it goes.

Menu Plan
I have bread and tomatoes for lunch this week and cereal to cover all breakfasts for 1 week.
Sunday - poached eggs
Monday - faggots with cabbage and peas
Tuesday - faggots with cabbage and peas
Wednesday - final piece of the cottage pie I froze from 2 weeks ago with cabbage and carrots
Thursday - Egg type dish again to use up the left over eggs
Friday - eating with the chap so TBC
Saturday - Got a chicken dish to bake with veg.

I am trying yo use up the freezer as realistically if had done all that baking then I would have struggled with freezer space.

Look what arrived this week....
The Jimmy Choo brochure, some really pretty things in here, even a pair of sandals in leopard print called.......GAIL!!
I should buy them.

If only I could! Nope will just we window shopping now.
Well until next time Visitor!
Frugally Yours

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