Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Success, or What I Did This Weekend

Well Sunday comes around again pretty quickly doesn't it?

I arrived home just after lunch from staying with my sister, and I have had a lovely time.

Saturday morning I was woken up early by my handsome nephew with the suggestion that we play with his Playmobile fire engine he got for christmas - what a fine idea.

It kills me that a little 3yo is so organised, look at the way he places his pigs in the sty, according to size order... brilliant!

I left my sister's early and toddled off to Esher for my haircut, what  a fabulous salon all black and white with special chairs that gave you a massage as you had your hair washed. Not frugal at all, but I loved every minute of it. Thank you sis! x

Afterwards I had a wander round to look at the shops, but bought nothing, yay good girl Abigail! Some very nice monuments to Queen Victoria in Esher

Back home, where we all got bundled up and went for a wander round the local shopping centre. Such lovely views where she lives.

I did have to take my nephew to the local toy shop, and we spent a pleasant few minutes browsing, before I bought him a little treat.

Anyhoo, left early this morning, not very much lighter in the pocket, so all in all not an expensive weekend at all.

I came back via Tesco, as I knew with this weather once I got home, it would be unlikely I would be off out again. Brrrr far too cold. So here is my shopping for the week.
Total £19.10
I still have a freezer full of food, so it was mainly extras and some things for work. For example of the big milks' and all the tea bags are for the office. The baby bel were on special - half price so I bought two and that along with the bread (short date - 62p) will get me lunches at work too with an apple of course.

Did you know if you bought shaving gel from the ladies shaving section the cheapest is £1.35 for a pink tin, whilst in the mens you can get it for 95p - bit of a no brainer..

A couple of impulses purchases not on the list - biscuits and custard, but I think I can live with that. Got back and straight to work on a shepherds pie, made with the mince in the freezer £1 (on offer) which I then added an onion and the jar of carrotts and peas. Made gravy and the base was done. 

Well the potatoes were finally beginning to look a little ropey so I boiled and mashed all of them then added cheese. So all of them are gone now, but I think I only had to throw two that were a bit grim when I peeled them. That 11p bag sure has gone far.

I think the total cost for this pie has come in at about £1.50 and it should do for about 4 meals though after tomorrow I will freeze it into portions for a later date.
So that brings me nicely on to the Menu for this week.

Breakfast will be cereal, as I have a lot left and lunches as mentioned will be toast with baby bel and an apple.
Sunday - shepherds pie
Monday - Shepherds pie with sweetheart cabbage
Tuesday - something easy as I am always home late - probably eggs boiled or poached
Wednesday - chicken casserole (frozen left overs from last week) with cabbage again and maybe some peas
Thursday - The two crispy pancakes still left in the box and veg
Friday - Fish fingers with veg
Saturday - eating The Chap so TBC

Did have a little fail came home and was putting away the shopping when I came across two items for the bin some out of date milk and cheese. Damn, must do better this week.

Well if you remember the 2 tasks I set myself for today were do the paperwork and sort out the Christmas Cards. I can say - Both achieved yay!
The paperwork took me took hours to clear
You can see why. I ended with a huge amount of paper for recycling and a little pile to shred, the rest was filed away, plus I took the opportunity to clear some space in the cabinet by culling paperwork over 5 years old. A good job done, but gosh I hated every single moment.

Plus I finally took down the Christmas cards and made tags for next year.
 Another good and thrifty job done.

So all in all not spent too much, and most of what I did spend was necessary, I have just cleaned out my purse of anything under a 50p and put it in my rainy day jar - which leaves me this
I am going to try and use that this week and not visit the cashpoint until Friday, achieveable I think. Though I will have to put petrol in the car again mid week, but I will use my card for that and not shove so much as a kinder egg on the bill- scouts honour!

Got some ideas for a few interesting posts next week, so please keep dropping by.

Frugally yours


  1. Yum saturdays meal plan "eating the chap" did he taste good?


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