Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Roll Up Roll Up! or Ooooo I Love A Market I do!

I found myself in Wolverhampton at lunchtime today and as I love a market, I toddled off to their indoor and outdoor market for a meander.

Do not forget I was rich today with the £3.38 burning a hole in my pocket. I did want (not need) a couple of things, but was really just happy for a frugal mooch.

It may not be the best market in the world, but as I had been there before I knew there were some stalls worth visiting. Plus I much prefer giving my money to an individual and not a Plc if i can.

One of which is my favourite, a spice and general convenience stall. Where I purchased some paprika. I had wanted some for the casserole at the weekend and had been disappointed to find the store cupboards bereft of it.

So the sum of 60p means I probably have about four or five tablespoons full. Ok not packaged in an expensive glass jar, but actually in a little paper bag. However, lets face it, a paper bag is better for the environment.

I then bought two oranges for the fruit bowl at 34p for the 2. Again no plastic or cellophane, I just dumped them in my handbag.

And finally, off to the corner shop to grab my usual bottle of diet cola £1.09 and today I pushed the boat out and got a bag of cheap crisps for 39p.
Total sum spent £2.43.

I thought about grabbing some eggs too at 89p for 6 large ones, but I thought back to my meal plan and decided against it. As currently I do not need them. How pious am I?

Straight home tonight for a quick change before seeing The Chap later after dinner. So, I think I can do my no visiting the cashpoint until tomorrow easily.
In actual fact I do have enough just to grab a drink tomorrow lunchtime too and since there is plenty of the petrol in the car. I may be able to go until Friday, well here is hoping anyway.

I think I am still spending too much, but at least £5 has done me for 3 days. Pretty good I think.
Frugally yours

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