Friday, 13 January 2012

Indulging Myself or Possibly The Best Present Ever.

The weekend has landed and I have been looking forward to it as I am currently spending it in Surrey with my sister and her family.

I only saw them over Christmas, but I am so lucky that we are very close and her husband is like the brother I never had.

The reason I am down? Well part of my Christmas present was a hair cut at a very nice salon down here. Such a useful and indulgent gift – thanks sis!
Really looking forward to a bit of luxury tomorrow morning, plus I am so glad to be able to help out here whilst I am down by doing a bit of free babysitting for them tonight and tomorrow night.

My nephew is without a doubt the handsomest boy there is and if my sister is out with her hubby I then get him all to myself. At 3 years old he is full of beans and I am really looking forward to playing with him.
It is true the best things in life are free.

I am planning on being home by Sunday lunchtime and the two tasks I have set my self for this weekend
  • Sorting out my paperwork finally
  • Clearing the Christmas Cards from the shelves.
If I can achieve these goals then I will be very happy.

I did my weekly fridge clean last night and only had to throw an old lemon away. So not much food waste from the last 7 days, which is good.

I have stuck to the menu plans for this week too, apart from yesterday when I felt really ill, so I ignored food after lunch for the rest of the day.

And whilst I did feel really poorly last night I did manage to strip and wash the bed, so I have managed to avoid the tumble dryer. I was going to turn the heating right down, but as I felt so ill I gave in and kept in up high until bed time. However, I then turned it right down for the morning and left it like that in case it freezes whilst I am away.

One step closer to reaching my target of £250 for the next quarters’ utilities.

I find that giving myself a target to achieve really helps focus my mind in terms of finances. As a female living alone, I do not have the safety net of partner’s salary in case of emergency, so I do always keep a couple of months salary at least saved. This would more than pay off my debts, but leaves me open to just incurring additional debt should the boiler break again, or the car develop a problem.

Debt gives me focus and savings give me peace of mind.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Frugally yours

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