Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Hello & Welcome!

My life is complicated.

I spend my days worrying about my job, my career, my home and my debt. Somewhere in the last 15 years since leaving University and entering the  world bright eyed and bushy tailed - life took over and along with it the desire to own possessions and keep up with the standard of living of my peers.

Until 3 years ago I thought I was happy, a career woman, unmarried and no kids. Then the recession hit and my sales job took a battering. After over 10 years of making very good money, my income dropped by 50% and I had to take stock. Yes, I had been earning, but I had been spending too and I looked at my credit cards and loans yet could identify where the money had gone what I possessed that justified the debt I was in.

I was lucky in so many ways, I was in a lot of debt, but I had affordable accommodation owning my own place “W Towers” but I did still have a mortgage, and I needed to cut my expenditure and quickly.

So here I am 3 years later, gone is the fancy Mercedes, replaced by a basic Polo and no more indulgent 5* holidays abroad.

Yes, I am still in debt, but it has been significantly reduced from £8000 to £1945.00 as of today.

So now is the time to revaluate again, and hopefully share with the blogging world all that I am learning.

I am not an expert, in saving money, but I am reducing my debt and trying to live a better, more organised life. I want to enjoy life and spend more time with those I love without worry.

I want to be financially secure, and financially savvy with more savings and no debt bar the mortgage.

So why I do I want to start this blog? Well, to document my life, to remind me of how I want to live it and to uncomplicate it.

I hope you, dear friend, will support me in my task, and maybe just maybe between us we will learn and teach each other some new ways for “keeping it simply thrifty”.

Frugally yours

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