Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lunchtime Shopping Anyone?

I am happy again today.

I had another no spend Wednesday, hurray for me.. I think I might try and do this every week.

The problem, I think when you are trying to change is altering previous habits. For example lunchtime spending comes easily to me. I work long hours from 8.30am to 6pm and it takes about an hour to commute to and from work. So, since I began I have insisted that at lunchtime I always go out for between 10-45mins.

Partly to see the sun on the long winter evenings as I leave W Towers in the dark and arrive home in the dark, and partly because otherwise the "hour" I am supposed to have free in constantly interrupted by clients calling.

So my lunchtime meandering around the town centre gives me some down time to recharge my batteries.

Today there was nothing I needed e.g. coke, crisps etc so I ate at my desk and then walked round the block, not exciting no shops. It appears that I need to look at something to take my mind off work. I might try the art gallery tomorrow. I have worked in the same town centre on and off for 14 years and never been to the art gallery, dreadful isn't it?

Alternatives need to be found, what do you do in your lunchtime?

So, it is Wednesday and that means my Frugal Five:-
  1. Find an alternative to spending during your lunchtime, perhaps visit an art gallery?? (well I had to didn't I?)
  2. Remember to plan in the mornings for what you are going to eat when you ge home, perhaps it needs to be left out to defrost during the day.
  3. Remember most people are on calling plans that mean free up to 1 hour calls in the evening. I always make sure to note what time I am calling a good friend and have many a time put the phone down and called back when approaching an hour so I do not have to pay.
  4. Regualarly review store cupboard and fridge ingredients to ensure no food is thrown away as this is just throwing away money
  5. Factor in treats to a budget, as this means you are less likely to break it. I.e. a take away once a month can be budgeted for
On a final note it looks like the bin door which blew off on Sunday will be repaired at the Housing Association's cost as it is considered a communal area which pleased me no end today. So savings will remain intact for the time being.

And very finally, I got my first comment today and wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU as it is so nice to know that others are reading this not just my family and friends. You really made my day.

Frugally yours

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