Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Week Off

So I start my new job tomorrow after a week off.

I have been busy today getting ready for starting and we are off to a wedding in Scotland on Friday. So up for an appointment at 8.30am this morning then off to buy a new tie for The Chap and matching pocket chief. Then picked up our dry cleaning. Back to pick up something my sister ordered before putting it in the post to her.  I finally got home at around 3pm. Then as always washing and ironing etc.

I got a great deal today as Debenhams had a sale on of up to 70%.

There has been a coat in Debenhams for weeks I loved but at £100 it was too expensive for my taste. Last week it was reduced to £49 in the sale. Nope, sorry still to expensive.

When I was in there today it was reduced again to £29.70. A massive 70% discount. 


All the back is box pleated and it is so smart. My dress for the wedding is black and white, as is my hat.  This will be perfect if it rains or doesn't get any warmer up north!

Whilst out last week I picked up a new pair of black trousers for work too from M&S. £16 is pretty good to start with, but I got them on a day with a 20% discount off all tops and bottoms so for £12.80.

Bargain can still be had peeps! You just need to keep an eye out.

Frugally yours

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