Monday, 17 September 2012

Some New Additions...x


Hope you had a good weekend, up to much?

I had dinner out courtesy of the inlaws on Saturday and really spent nothing during the course of the weekend (except petrol which does not count)


But The Chap did get something...

Actually, he got 2..

Don't you just love them?

The Chap and I have been looking for two female Whiskers kittens for nearly a year, and finally last week he saw two. We were then able to pick them up on Sunday.

Both The Chap and I have had pets in the past and felt we wanted them again.

It was up to The Chap to decide as I could not afford to have a pet, but with me moving in shortly I consider them 50% mine.

Two very distinctive personalities one is bigger and very placid, likes a fuss but nervy, the other smaller kitten is feisty and hard to catch. We both want two lap cats and once after a few days of settling in and finding the courage to remove themselves from the pet bed or the behind the sofa we are going to start training them to enjoy fuss.

I have always have dogs, so cats are new territory for me, but already falling in love with them.

Nice too, that a pair of sisters can keep each other company whilst we are at work.

In the meantime off to the vets this week for a check over, microchipping and to set a date they can both be neutered, even though they will only be allowed out under supervision in the back garden.

But aren't they the cutest??

We also met Mum, who was so beautiful too!

Names to be decided when we get to know them better though, Leia and Padme are making an early bid.... Star Wars Princesses in case you did not know. Guess who thought of that?

Frugally yours


  1. Two little cuties. The only thing I dislike about cats are their claws, especially when sitting on your knee and they give them an exercise, on/at your knee. Oeow!

  2. Awww they are so cute. Keep us updated with pictures x


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